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Staying Together with Art and Skype

What kid isn’t an artist? Every parent’s fridge is covered in enthusiastic paintings and drawings and every shelf is crowded with sculptures. Fortunately, Skype makes it easy to share each masterpiece with friends and family all over the world.

Julia, one of the stars of our recent Stay Together videos, lives in Los Angeles but uses Skype every day to keep in touch with her cousin Marina in Brazil. She shares everything from jokes and stories to her biggest secrets with Marina. But that’s not all she shares over Skype. Like every big sister, Julia loves making fun of her little brother Valente – who wants to be an artist himself. Julia used her computer to add a beard and an eye-patch to a picture of Valente, and shared the impressive result with Marina.

Screen sharing is a great way for kids to share their photos and drawings with their friends and family. And kids can also send their favorite people permanent copies of their greatest works with file and photo sharing. Who knows – maybe Julia is the next Leonardo da Vinci!

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