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Skype for Mac 6.6 – Making it Easier to Use

Today we have released a new version 6.6 of Skype for Mac. With our smaller releases, we continue to focus on quality by addressing user feedback and improving ease of use. In this release we made these changes:

Optimizations to video messaging

To ensure a consistent Skype experience no matter which device you use, we have added entry points for video messaging to the share menu (plus button). In addition, you will now be prompted to send a video message if your call goes unanswered for ten seconds.

Upgrading for users with non-administrator accounts

After downloading 6.6, all future updates will be silently downloaded for you even if you don’t have an administrator account on OS X.

Improvements to the instant messaging experience

Thanks to your feedback, we have reintroduced quick access to the button that lets you edit chat messages. By clicking the arrow that appears on hover next to the timestamp of a message, you can access the editing menu.

Have feedback to share with us about the latest version of Skype for Mac? Let us know what you think by posting your thoughts and feedback to the Skype Community.


Resolved issues:

Category Description
File Transfer “Reveal File in Finder” can point to the wrong file when multiple files with the same name are sent via file transfer.
Conversations Sometimes unsent chat message does not show up when switching back to prior a conversation.
Generic In some cases, Skype accesses the non-existent file video.cfg every second.
Calling Cannot block phone numbers.


Known issues:

Category Description Workaround
Conversations Messages sent to a Facebook contact show up multiple times. Fix is in progress

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