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Skype para disponível para todo mundo no Brasil

No final de abril, anunciamos o lançamento da versão preview do Skype para E hoje a notícia é que todos no Brasil já podem desfrutar da magia das chamadas com vídeo com seus amigos do Skype diretamente da sua caixa de entrada do É mais uma ótima maneira de se conectar com as … Read more

Was sind Tastenkürzel und wie nutzt man sie bei Skype?

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Tastenkürzel sind nicht nur praktisch, sie sparen auch noch Zeit. Gemeint sind damit bestimmte Tastenkombinationen, die vorher gespeicherte Befehle ausführen. Wer kennt nicht Alt-F4, oder Strg-Alt-Entf, wenn gar nichts mehr geht. Natürlich gibt es auch bei Skype die Möglichkeit, Tastenkürzel zu aktivieren. Tastenkürzel gibt es zum Beispiel für: Einen Anruf beantworten Einen Anruf mit Video … Read more

Skype 6.7 for Mac

Today we have released a new version of Skype for Mac. We are continually focusing on ease of use. With this release we focused on optimizing your search experience. Fast, deep search results Search in Skype for Mac has been completely overhauled. Finding the right conversation is now faster than ever. From the toolbar, just … Read more

Skype Wedding Grants Dying Father’s Final Wish

Michaela Murphy never bought into the idealized notion of the glitzy “dream wedding with the pressure to be the happiest you can on ‘the most important day of your life’. ”She simply wanted someone who was close to her and her fiancé Gregg to preside over a heartfelt ceremony. As Michaela and Gregg’s New York … Read more

International Dance Contests… in PE? Skype Helps Make Gym Fun!

Most of us don’t think of gym teachers as creative types—except maybe when it comes to the number of laps they make you run. Good news! Times have definitely changed. Innovative teachers, teamed with technology like Skype, are making phys-ed fun. (You won’t see anyone faking stomach aches because they want to sit on the … Read more

Vos enfants sont partis en vacances sans vous ? Voici 5 astuces Skype pour rester connectés tout l’été

Les vacances sont enfin là ! Pour certains parents qui travaillent encore, il est parfois plus simple de laisser leurs enfants chez les grands-parents ou de les envoyer au grand air en colonie de vacances. Quant aux grands enfants, étudiants, ils profitent de l’été pour découvrir le monde avec leurs amis. Pour ne pas avoir … Read more

Royal Baby Sparks Spike on Skype

Unless you’ve been on an extended summer camping trip far from any type of media and other human beings, you’ve heard all about the Royal Baby (aka George Alexander Louis aka His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge aka the focus of 90% of the internet right now). Many fans of the royal family spent … Read more

Concorra a uma aula de beleza via Skype

Essa é para as meninas: Sempre quis saber qual é a melhor cor de sombra para combinar com os seus olhos? O jeito certo de aplicar blush? E como fazer para ficar com aquele olho esfumaçado perfeito? A Skype fez uma parceria com a revista Glamour, e agora você pode concorrer a uma verdadeira aula … Read more

Top 10 Movies that Would Change with Skype

A good movie keeps us guessing right up until the end. Is he going to make it out alive? Will they live happily ever after? Will she find out that he still loves her? Suspense is maintained throughout a film by a series of twists, turns and missed connections. Unfortunately for Hollywood screenwriters, many of … Read more

4 Tips for Better Virtual Meetings

You’ve probably been there: sitting through a lackluster meeting, trying to stay focused on the topic at hand when all you can focus on are the hands on the clock ticking away. It can be even harder for virtual teams, as virtual meetings require the same amount – or more – of interaction to ensure … Read more

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