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A Brazilian Couple Begins Their Life Together Virtually

After dating for three long years, Cibele Santos and Fausto Candido were anxious to take the next step. They knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but what they had not foreseen was a job offer abroad causing the beginning of their marriage to take place over Skype. Telling their story here today is our way of honoring all couples, married or not, who use Skype to stay close to one another.

The wedding preparations were in full swing, when Fausto was approached with an amazing job offer in Luanda, Angola. The catch? He was unable to bring his family along. Understandably, he was apprehensive about telling Cibele that they’d be kick-starting their happily-ever-after separated by an ocean and over 4,000 miles, for the first year!

“We have always enjoyed the idea of ​​experiencing new cultures, and I ended up seeing a great life opportunity,” said Cibele. After agreeing that “a year goes by really fast,” they decided Fausto should take advantage of the opportunity. They were legally married on March 21 and by March 29th, he was off.

They were already Skype users, both for work and keeping in touch with distant relatives, but from the moment Fasuto touched down in Angola, Skype became an essential part of their daily lives. “Since the first day he arrived there we have been speaking daily, sometimes for hours on end. As he is 4 hours ahead of me, sometimes we talk later in the day, which for me is late afternoon and almost time to go to bed. On weekends, we have more time to ‘be together’,” she explained.

Cibele familiarized herself with Fausto’s apartment in Angola through Skype. Back at home in Brazil, Ciebele was working hard to make their new house a home. On their video calls, she’s able to decorate and make decisions as a couple, “every time I install something or fix something up, he can see it and help me decide. He will participate in even the smallest things. For instance, we had 2 fruit bowls, I showed them to him on Skype and he helped me decide which one we should give to charity.”

In addition to calling his cell phone using Skype Credit, Fausto downloaded the Skype app so that they could talk talk to each other Skype to Skype for free. “We talk even when I’m on the bus,” said Fausto. Often they do group calls with family and friends, because everyone wants to know all about his new life. When Cibele meets friends, Fausto can participate a little with a Skype video call.

Today, nearly three months later, Fausto has a date to come home to complete part 2 of their wedding, the reception! To organize the expenses of the celebration, they share their screens to work on the budget and other details. “Often I’ll call him from inside a store for him to help me decide what to buy!” says Cibele.

Finally, Fausto arrived home in Brazil on the 14th – a little late, but still on time to celebrate Brazil’s Valentine’s Day, and the rest of their lives together.

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