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5 Skype Tips for Parents

A face-to-face Skype call can go a long way to make you feel more connected while you’re away from home. For moms and dads who travel, fussy kids and packed schedules can get in the way of a fun and enjoyable catch up.

Skype on TV

Here are some great tips to make sure your calls go off without a hitch:

  1. Schedule a time. When you travel on business, the workday often gets a hold of you and the opportunity for a Skype video call with loved ones slips away. Set a time to talk with your kids so everyone knows when to be available for that face-to-face chat.
  2. Switch it up. Why sit at your desk when you can hop on a call from your mobile, tablet, desktop, or even a Skype-enabled TV. Show the kids your tech-savvy side and bring them along for your next adventure.
  3. Plan fun activities. Arrange to read your little ones a book or ask for them to share their favorite moments from the day with you. If you’re feeling crafty, grab a pair of socks and a marker to thrill your kids with an unannounced puppet show.
  4. Help Grandma or Grandpa out ahead of time. Want your family to stay connected with their grandparents as they travel this summer? Ensure smooth sailing on the road ahead by downloading Skype onto their device of choice.
  5. Be close to the camera. If you’re on a video call, make sure you’re in plain view. The call will be far more engaging and enjoyable for the little ones if they can see your eyes and smile.

What tips do you have for parents who like to hop on Skype with their kids?

3 thoughts on “5 Skype Tips for Parents

  1. I find online colouring websites and send it to my little brother so we can colour at the same time and share the result with each other.

  2. Those tips are very interesting. love those.

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