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A Tale of Landlines, Mobiles and Group Calls

Skype is great for group calling, whether it’s audio only or you’re enjoying group video calls. You might also know that with Skype you can get great rates on making calls to landlines and mobiles.

But wait, there’s more! Did you know that you can combine both of those things and have group calls that connect your Skype contacts with friends who are stuck on a landline or mobile phone?

Today I’m going to delve into three ways to include your phone contacts in a group call with Skype for Windows.

Adding the phone number before starting the call, for forward thinkers

If you like to have everything set up in advance then you can add a phone number as a participant in a conversation before dialing. Dialing a landline or mobile, even when it is part of a group call, requires a little Skype Credit or a subscription.

To add a phone number to a conversation:

  1. Open Skype
  2. Select the conversation you’d like to add a phone number to, or create a new conversation by opening the Contacts menu and selecting Create New Group…
  3. Open the Conversation menu and select Add People…
  4. In the Add People… window, type the phone number of the participant in the bottom left and click Select
  1. Lastly, click Add and you’re ready to call the group.

It’s important to note than participants on a phone will only see messages from the group which are sent as SMS text messages. Learn more about sending SMS text messages in Skype for Windows.

Adding a phone number when the call has already started, in case you forgot someone

If you’re in the middle of a call and realize you need to dial someone in, it’s a piece of cake to add them on the fly. To do this you’ll also need a little Skype Credit or a subscription.

To add a phone number during a call:

  1. Click the Add, send and share button:  
  2. Click Add People to This Call
  3. Type in the number you want to dial, including the international dialing code, and click Add to call

If you have the phone number you want to add to the call saved as a contact, you can also just drag the number from your contact list onto the active call to add them in.

Allowing others to dial into a call

If you want to allow others to dial into an active call from a landline or mobile you’ll need to set up a Skype Number. After you have your Skype Number set up you can send that number to anyone who wants to dial in and when they call the number you can simply add them into an ongoing call.

To add an incoming call to an existing call simply click Add to group call on the incoming call notification.

If you accidentally clicked Answer and you now have two active calls, with one on hold, you can also combine two active calls. Learn more about combining active calls.

To discuss these or other tips with experienced Skype users, why not join the Skype Community?

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