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Man meets newborn son on Skype – while in taxi

When you were born, there is a good chance that your father wasn’t allowed past the hospital waiting room door. While times have changed in America, Western Europe and a few other areas, much of the rest of the world still keeps dads at a distance.

Such was the situation for Bojidar Markov in Sofia, Bulgaria, but the 33-year-old software developer and his wife, Evgenia, had a plan. While they were stuck in separate rooms, they shared much of the experience over Skype on their Windows Phones.

In fact, Bojidar opted to go home rather than spend more time pacing the waiting room floor. He says, “We weren’t allowed to see each other but were chatting the whole day on Skype IM on our Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.”

He recounts, “At 4 pm, Evgenia said, ‘I’m going to another room for a regular check-up and I will call you on Skype later.’ But she was gone for three hours, so I knew that something was happening.”

“At 7 pm, I got the message that said, ‘We have a baby,’” Bojidar says, his voice cracking.

He flagged down a taxi and headed straight for the hospital. While in the back seat of the cab, Bojidar couldn’t wait to meet his son, Kaloyan. He says, “I was so impatient to see him that I IMed my wife on Skype and asked if we could do a Skype Video Call to show him to me.”

Bojidar knew that Evgenia was exhausted and he wasn’t sure that she’d be up for the call. Suddenly, he had an incoming Video Call on Skype. He touched the “answer” button and there was Kaloyan, his firstborn child.

“The experience was short but amazing,” Bojidar says, “I met my son on Skype while in the back of the taxi. He was so cute. It was the kind of thing that is impossible to put into words.”

When Bojidar arrived at the hospital, he was still only able to see Kaloyan through a glass window. The baby was in a room full of other newborns. Bojidar took photos of his son through the glass, but did not get to touch him until a full six days later when he was released.

Bojidar smiles, “Until he left the hospital, the best introduction I had to my son was on Skype. Evgenia was lying next to him and she turned the Windows Phone right at him. I felt like I was lying next to him too. I will always remember that.”

2 thoughts on “Man meets newborn son on Skype – while in taxi

  1. Great Story!
    P.S. Bulgaria is in Southeastern Europe, not in Western Europe, just saying.

  2. Awwwe. I loved the story, made me smile and thought that i’ll have a baby one day.:)

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