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Introducing Moment Makers

We’re excited to announce the launch of Moment Makers.

The Moment Makers community brings like-minded people together who live to create and share wonderful moments with Skype. The community is also a place to learn how Skype’s different features can be used to enhance your passion.

Have a moment you want to share? An idea on how Skype could bring your passion to life? Let us know via the Get Involved page on and if selected, we’ll co-create something wonderful.

Become part of the community that celebrates the wonderful things, big and small, which can be done using Skype. will be bringing you all the latest news from our team, sponsored events, as well as fun challenges to show you how you can be doing more with Skype to enhance your passion. We’ll see you there!

Visit to see some amazing Moments and find out how Skype can help bring your passion to life.

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