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Skype and Lync: Connecting the Living Room to the Board Room

Today, we’re excited to announce Skype and Lync customers around the world are now able to connect with each other from across these platforms. With Lync-Skype connectivity, Skype users will now be able to reach a broader network of colleagues, partners and customers who are using Lync, Microsoft’s unified communications platform, connecting them into organizations of all sizes. Lync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and meetings for business productivity and is owned by over 90 of the Fortune Global 100 companies.

As Tony Bates, President of the Skype division at Microsoft, explained in his keynote at the Lync Conference in February, people are at the center of our vision for the future of communications. To turn our vision into reality, we think it’s important to re-humanize technology so that consumers, professionals and decision-makers can interact with technology how and when they want – from the living room to the boardroom.

This is our first step in combining the enterprise richness of Lync and the global reach of Skype to transform the communications experience and enable Skype users to reach professional contacts in organizations of all sizes.  

How does it work?

All you need to connect with your contacts on Lync is the latest Skype client, available from, and a Microsoft account.  Connectivity is currently supported by Windows and Mac desktop clients, with more options coming soon as other clients are updated.

Step 1: Sign into Skype with a Microsoft account. If you already have a SkypeID, or a Skype contact list you’d like to merge, you can merge the two together during sign-in. If you happen to have multiple Skype accounts, because you use one for work and another for personal contacts, make sure to sign in with the Microsoft account you use for work or personal use before connecting it to a SkypeID used for the same purpose.


Step 2: You can add Lync contacts by using their email address to search and find them.


Step 3: Once you’ve identified the people you want to connect with and they have accepted your contact request, you can instant message or audio call them and begin talking!


Lync-Skype connectivity removes barriers created by the rules of different devices, applications and networks that keep people from connecting seamlessly on the devices they use most. By putting people back at the center of the communications experience – instead of the technology they choose to use – we are enabling you to communicate with all the people you care about most using the Skype features that work best– with IM and audio calling – you can now work the way you want to. Over time, we will add more capabilities, with video calling as our next priority.

We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience and pay close attention to feedback provided by our community of users. To get the latest Skype news and tips about how to make your experience with Skype better than ever, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or join us on the Skype Community. If you’re an IT administrator or Lync user and are looking for additional details, visit the Lync Team Blog and

30 thoughts on “Skype and Lync: Connecting the Living Room to the Board Room

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  4. It’s not useful. Skype is often forbidden in enterprise. Is it possible to connect skype accounts to existing Linc clients?

  5. this latest development let me to invite more of my freinds to join the skype world,keep on going

  6. How can you login with an orgnisation account ID?

    • Shana Pearlman said 3 years ago

      Hi, Skype enables signing in with an individual Microsoft account (a.k.a. Live ID), and this is what is required to start communicating with Lync contacts. Shana from Skype

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  8. This is great. However, is there also a way for my Lync users to search for Skype users from within the Lync client?

    • Shana Pearlman said 3 years ago

      Hi there, the Skype directory is not searchable from within Lync. In order to add Skype contacts into Lync, you need to have the contact’s Microsoft account information. Shana from Skype

  9. Replying to Ivan… a lot of enterprises don’t allow Skype, but they’ll be using Lync to talk to Skype users on the outside world. Because the traffic will be going through a Lync server they will have a level of control.

  10. I still can’t search our a lync contact with her email address in Skype:(. Has Anyone tried?

    • Shana Pearlman said 3 years ago

      Hi, for a Lync contact to be found within Skype, the Lync administrator for that contact’s domain must have activated Lync-Skype connectivity. Shana from Skype

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  12. G03m0n said 3 years ago

    From my Skype in windows and in iOS i cant reach my corporate Lync address, there is something to configure corporate side?

  13. I’m with Vic – how do my Lync users (including myself) access Skype users from within Lync. My goal is to have my users have one Voice/Chat (and later Video) client. And I want that client to be Lync, not Skype…:-)

    • Shana Pearlman said 3 years ago

      Skype contacts can be added on an individual basis using the Microsoft accounts that they have associated with their Skype IDs. Within Lync 2013, this is via the clickstream: Add a Contact > Add a Contact not in My Organization > Skype. Shana from Skype

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  16. Works nicely, I can now see people behind Lync in Skype and vice versa, excellent! Now if you could just add integration to join a Lync meeting too!

  17. Can you search Lync contacts using Skype for Windows 8 or iOS? It works fine using the full desktop Skype app on Windows 7.

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  22. Hi, can I login in to skype using Office 365 account?

  23. People need to communicate with other people in multiple ways, in multiple roles, from multiple locations, and at multiple times. Divisions aren’t very clear anymore, and for products like Skype and Lync, it’s silly to erect artificial separations between corporate and personal. I think Microsoft is making good moves in this case.

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