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Soldier Never Misses a Moment with Digital Daddy Time

On Christmas morning, Julie McGhee had her young sons hold off on opening their presents. Their dad, Jeff, was serving overseas and struggling with missing out on all the precious family moments, from holidays to first steps. This holiday, however, would be different. With a little help from Skype, Jeff watched as his kids tore open each gift, grinning from ear-to-ear.

As Jeff looked back on the 23 years he’s spent serving in the military, he recalled leaving for his first tour with an infant at home, but returning to a walking toddler. During his current deployment, he’s thrilled to have Skype video calling, saying that it’s been a “lifesaver” in helping him stay connected to his two sons and loving wife.

“It’s not about telling what happened, but about him actually being there to see it… digitally,” says Julie. Instead of sharing a picture or letter, her sons are able to show a loose tooth and have ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to them. “It means a lot to the kids, they get so excited when they talk to him and show him things. It makes it easier.”

 Jonathan McGhee

Julie, Jeff, Jack and Jonathan McGhee

The McGhees are anxiously awaiting the day they can circle Jeff’s return date on the calendar, but in the meantime Skype “makes the difference between sanity and sadness.”

This Memorial Day, Skype is proud to honor the men and women serving overseas, and the families they leave behind.

What moments have you been able to share with faraway loved ones over Skype?

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    Can I attach skype plugin to my site in wordpress? It is I want it to be signed in by my site visitors, so they can get advantage of skype.

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