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Skype 6.4 for Mac With Easier to Use Instant Messaging

Today we have released a new version of Skype for Mac. In this release, we have focused on ease of use of our instant messaging experience.

New features and improvements in Skype 6.4 for Mac include:

  • Infinite chat scrolling
  • Improved find from a chat conversation
  • Improved file transfer
  • Improved send and receive contacts
  • Support for Simplified Chinese

Infinite chat scrolling

We have introduced a new way of loading history. Each time you scroll upward, more and more messages will be loaded from history. Scrolling is motion sensitive, the faster you scroll the more messages load. To jump back in history. Ctrl + click anywhere (or right click) in the chat and select “Jump back “ and select the period you want to jump back to. We have also separated dates from the timestamps and created date sections instead to make it more visible in the chat. Skype will index all chat history when you first login and consume less resources after indexing completion.

Improved find within the chat

We have redesigned the find functionality to be part of the chat view, instead of opening in a separate window. You can easily navigate between results and see the total number of matches in the chat. Current match is highlighted in yellow. You can also search strings by using “Starts with” or “Contains” option. Recent searches are stored so that you can reuse them in the future.

Custom Chat Styles removal

We have removed custom chat styles to ensure consistency across our clients. If you prefer a more compact layout for your chat, you can go to preferences > messaging > “use compact chat style”

Improved send and receive contacts

We have redesigned the way contacts are sent and received by users. When multiple contacts are sent, the recipient will see an expandable list in the conversation and can either add them all at once or add them one by one. If the received contact is already in the contacts list, or is blocked, the recipient will see the relevant status.

Improved file transfer

We have improved file transfer allowing users to reaccept the file when receiving. File transfer will remain active till the sender cancels it.

Support for Simplified Chinese

We have added language support for Simplified Chinese.

Supported Operating System

OS X 10.6 or later is required. Leopard (OS X 10.5) users can continue to use Skype 6.3 for Mac.

Please update to the latest version of Skype for Mac and leave us feedback by visiting our Support Network.

Resolved issues:

Category Description
Contact Easier to add a new number to any  existing contact.
Contact Easier to add a contact number from the Contacts list.
Generic Fixed random crash when waking from sleep.
Generic Fixed crashes due to outdated 3rd party plugins
File Transfer File transfer shows correct received size.
Preferences You can switch speakers from Preferences during the incoming call.
Profile You can add “Apply an effect” when editing display picture.
Screen sharing Picture-in-Picture for screen sharing will appear in case switching to the Contacts list.
Skype Home Disabling animated emoticons from Preferences will also take effect in the Skype Home view.
Calling Improved dial pad animation in the calling toolbar.
Calling You can use firewire device for Skype video call.


Known issues:

Category Description Workaround
Conversation Chat input field does not switch to   SMS mode when adding PSTN numbers to new conversation. Fix is in progress for next release.
SMS SMS sending status stays to ‘sending’. Fix is in progress


We’d also like to thank these volunteers for their work on the localization of Skype for Mac into the following languages:

Bulgarian: Nikolina Filipova & Nikolay Filipov

Brazilian Portuguese: Fabio Roselet

Chinese (Traditional): Penny Yang, Teresa Yeh (Linktel)

Dutch: Alexander Henket

Estonian: Triin Tähema

French: Jean-Pierre Kuypers

German: Claudius Henrichs

Norwegian: Kenneth Stevenson

Polish: Bohdan Zielinski

Spanish: Carola Clavo

6 thoughts on “Skype 6.4 for Mac With Easier to Use Instant Messaging

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  4. Please fix the black screen issue when sharing screen on Mac!

  5. Please bring back chat styles… the default chat style is impossible to read, a giant white window with a wall of text and the only to discern users is their icon, if they chose to even set an icon at all. Why can’t we remove those images, edit the color of the background, and make it so we can have our own look and style? What’s so wrong about that? Why is it better for a visual consistency when it is clearly not functional? Why not bring back MANUAL FAVORITE SORT? Why does everything have to be alphabetical? I have to rename all of my chats and favorite private message users with letters and numbers, just to organize the bar. Why don’t you do a focus study on people who actually use this product 10-12 hours a day? Why do I have to download a legacy client just to run Skype the way it was originally intended? Thanks.

  6. iszlq said 2 years ago

    The window is too large. The type is too small. Frankly, I was still using the old old old version of skype with the two tiny windows, one for the list of contacts and one for the chats. Go back to that style, clean it up a bit and you’ll have a winner. My advise to all software designers – don’t try to second guess the user.

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