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No Love for Mom? 1 in 5 People Forget to Send Mother’s Day Gifts

Did your mom always have the best advice when you were younger? Mine sure did – “tie your shoes”, “look both ways before crossing the street”, “don’t talk to strangers” and “don’t follow the crowd” – although I didn’t always listen. Well, when it comes to treating mom right on Mother’s Day, we’d all better listen to that point about not following the crowd. A new survey commissioned by Skype and conducted online by Harris Interactive in April among 2,114 U.S. adults, one-fifth of those with mother figures have forgotten to honor mom with a gift or card in Mother’s Days past.

Men, take note: you are especially likely to have overlooked the occasion, with nearly one in four of you failing to send something. So much for mama’s boys – for shame! Sons-in-law are the surprising superheroes, with nearly half of married men who have a mother-in-law saying they always call her on Mother’s Day without a reminder from their spouse.

Take a look at the infographic below for the fully skinny on the survey results:

Skype_Mother's Day Infographic

Are you still waiting to get a gift for your mom? Give her the gift of seeing your loving face via a Skype video call, send her a Mother’s Day greeting via our Say it with Skype Facebook app or visit to get her a Skype Gift Card and continue connecting with her throughout the year!

If you’d like to embed this infographic on your site, use this code:

<a href=” “><img src=” ” alt=”Skype sees a surge of calls to mobile phones or landlines on Mother’s Day.” width=”270″ height=”1071″ /><br />Mother’s Day video calling infographic by Skype</a>

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