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Who is your Everyday Hero?

Send us a photo of your Everyday Hero for a chance to win a Marvel’s Iron Man 3 prize pack!

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 had a special screening last week in London, and Skype was on the red carpet rubbing shoulders with the heroes of the latest blockbuster in the series – our Skype Reporter, Lela, was chatting with the stars, and our Brand Ambassadors were on handing out Skype vouchers and tickets to pre-screenings of the movie.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. – Tony Stark in Marvel’s Iron Man 3

Skype wants to celebrate heroes of all kinds, and we’re looking for your Everyday Hero – the person who carries out heroic deeds every day without fanfare or rocket packs. Is it your mom? The coach of your team? The barista who makes your coffee *just right* every day? We want to meet them!

Send us a photo of your Everyday Hero, and you’ll be entered into our sweepstakes for a chance to win a Marvel’s Iron Man 3 prize pack – including a Skype-ready TV, Blu-Ray DVD player, Marvel’s Iron Man box set, and a family movie night experience.  We want to get to know people who are heroes every day.

In addition to the photo, we’d love to know how the person you’ve chosen as your Everyday Hero inspires you. Is it their motivational pre-game talks? Are they always on hand with a few kind words or actions when you feel down? Or does their boundless energy just make you want to get up and dance?!

What are you waiting for? Click here to nominate your Everyday Hero now!

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 is in theaters on May 3rd.

One thought on “Who is your Everyday Hero?

  1. melchor is my super hero..

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