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Type Less. Talk More. Make Skype Calls Directly From Your Inbox

Starting today, Microsoft is rolling out a preview version of Skype for, bringing two great communication experiences together — all in one place! As part of our commitment to bring you the very best ways to communicate, this Skype for preview is beginning to roll out in the United Kingdom and will be made available in the United States and Germany in the coming weeks. In the coming months, audio and video calling powered by Skype will be available in every inbox. By adding Skype conversations to your modern email, Microsoft is creating yet another way for you to connect to the people you care about most.

With the preview version of Skype for you can enjoy Skype video and audio calls right from your inbox — less typing, more talking!  For those of you that aren’t familiar, is a free personal email service from Microsoft. In the first six months after launch, attracted 60 million new users, making it the fastest-growing email service in history.

Even with the best email service, sometimes text isn’t enough. We all face those situations where it’s just easier to jump on a call to talk something through. Sometimes that quick call can accomplish more than a long email reply. That’s why we are bringing Skype audio and video calling to your inbox. Now, with Skype for, you can choose the right medium for your message, whether it is an email, call, video call or instant message (IM) — you can connect with your Skype and Messenger friends all in the same place.

We hope you like what you see!

Get Skype in Your Inbox

Skype for requires a one-time download of a plugin for your browser (available for the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox). After you download the plugin, simply connect Skype to using your Microsoft account.

Customers with an existing Skype account will be asked to link Skype and in a few simple steps. Just merge your Microsoft and Skype accounts and you’re off and running. This will also allow you to add all of your Skype contacts to contacts.

Using Skype for is Simple

Just click on the Skype audio or video call buttons in your IM conversation. To start a call while reading an email from a friend on, move your mouse over the friend’s picture and click on the Skype audio or video call buttons that appear above his or her contact details. 2

Reach and Be Reachable

We’re excited to offer many of the best ways to keep in touch in one place. With the preview version of Skype for, we’re bringing two great communication experiences together and helping you stay in touch virtually anytime, anywhere. 3

As we said, this preview experience will start rolling out to UK customers beginning today and is coming to the U.S. and Germany in the coming weeks with worldwide availability this summer.

For those outside the U.K., it will be worth the wait! We will be sure to let you know when the roll-out is complete and available worldwide. In the meantime, look for Skype video calling to come to your inbox soon and tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Feel free to also visit our Skype Support Network for additional technical details.

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