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Skype Takes on Denver for Small Business Meetup

What a great time we had in Denver! Our Skype for Business meetup brought together local business owners for an evening of learning, sharing and networking intended to help everyone work smarter and grow their business.

We all met up at the beautiful Artwork Network gallery in Denver, and kicked it off with great food and drinks – and cupcakes!


In a highlight of the evening, Mike Michalowicz, speaker, entrepreneur, TV personality, columnist and author extraordinaire, shared his views from his latest book, The Pumpkin Plan.  He talked about the correlation between how what it takes to grow a colossal pumpkin is similar to what it takes to grow a colossal business (hint: focusing on quality over quantity, pruning anything that doesn’t deliver results – if you want more you’ll have to read his book – or come to a future meetup!) His high-energy delivery of time-tested small business wisdom brought a lot of laughs, and nods of agreement, from the audience.

Two Denver business owners joined Mike for a user panel that expanded on his insights, as they shared how they’ve built their businesses from startups, what role technology played, and how they’re using Skype to work smarter.


For example, Jen LaFlam, owner of JTL Media, partner of Syntuity and business development specialist for Fruition in Denver, appreciates the face-to-face connection Skype allows. During Skype calls, Jen creates a separate IM chat with clients so she can prompt them (and vice versa) to make sure they’re covering all the right topics.

Amy McIlwain, author, speaker and founder of Financial Social Media, travels extensively and counts on her Skype number, also called an online number, to give clients a local area code to reach her, whether she’s in America or Argentina. She’s also helping her financial services clients get set up to offer video calling to customers who want to discuss financial decisions with their children while in the advisor’s office.

As for Mike, he believes globalization is one of the biggest opportunities for small business owners, and he sees Skype as an enabler of that.

“Do I want a cleaning company to expand into Russia? No,” he says. “But they can use tools like Skype to teach people in Russia how to open their own cleaning business.”

A short Skype demo also helped audience members better understand how Skype can be used for business, and generated some great questions about features like call forwarding, conference calling, multi-platform use, Skype numbers, and more.

Many people approached us with ideas for how they’d like to be using Skype in their businesses, such as:

  • Using Skype for a multi-country conference call
  • Asking a speaker to call in to a seminar via Skype
  • Getting set up with instant chat, via Skype, on their websites

We can’t wait to hear about them when they happen! Are you interested in learning more about using Skype for your business? Ask a question in our LinkedIn group, follow our company page on LinkedIn, like us on Facebook, and/or follow us on Twitter at @skype4biz. Hoping for a Skype for Business meetup in your city? Tell us in the comments.

Special thanks to Y.Lo Epicure catering and D Bar Desserts for making the evening a delicious success!

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