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Have you met Claudius?

“And now for something completely different.”

I borrowed the catch phrase above from Monty Python because instead of offering tips and tricks on how to use Skype, as I normally do, I’m taking a moment to tell you a bit about someone I work with at Skype.

If you’ve been to the Skype Community and got involved with the discussions going on there you might have come across our community manager, Claudius. Claudius and his team of moderators and super users are passionate about helping Skype users share knowledge and experiences and get the most out of using Skype.


In 2005 Claudius was managing a community for flight simulator enthusiasts in Germany. On the look-out for new ways to communicate with his friends while gaming, he started using Skype which was then in an early stage of its development. He beta-tested new releases of Skype, gave feedback on features that he wanted to see included in future versions and helped with translation when German became a supported language.

Needless to say, Claudius really cared about Skype and it became a tool he relied on for all kinds of communication. In order to share his expertise and help others get the most out of Skype, he became a moderator on the English and German boards of the Skype Community and actively facilitated discussions there for four years. I asked Claudius what he took away from his time as a moderator and he said:

During my active moderation times on the Skype forums I learned a lot about Skype and had the chance to share that knowledge with my fellow forum members. But best of all I made many friends from around the world who I’m still in touch with today.

In April 2011 Claudius got the opportunity to combine his enthusiasm for Skype and online communities and became Skype’s community manager. In 2012 he jumped at the opportunity to move to Skype’s office in Tallinn. His Estonian language lessons are going very well, or so I’m told.

When asked what his goal is for the Skype Community in the future, he answered:

With a great, global community team and Skype colleagues around the world we are working hard to constantly improve the community experience. At the same time we make sure that the feedback from users on the community is being heard in Skype.

I work with Claudius on a daily basis and he is one of the most dedicated, helpful and knowledgeable individuals I know. If you ever have a question about Skype, need help with a technical issue or would like to share a great experience you’ve had, Claudius and his team are standing by at the Skype Community.

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