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Skype 2.5 for Windows Phone 8 Update

Today we have released an update for Skype for Windows Phone 8, version 2.5.

In this release, we focused on general improvements and reliability.

Get the updated version now from the Windows Phone Store.

We’re always looking to improve your experience on Skype and pay close attention to your feedback. To get the latest news and tips, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or join us on the Skype Support Network.

Full release notes for Skype 2.5 for Windows Phone 8 are:

New and changed features:

  • Message notifications for Messenger buddies are now on by default

Fixed issues:

Category Description
Stability Skype crashing on startup for some users who signed in with Microsoft Account
Notifications Message notifications sometimes had contact names separated with 20% instead of space.
Calling Video call button was disabled straight after accepting incoming contact request
Video Calling Full screen local video preview was stretched sometimes
Video Calling Incoming 720p video on portrait mode was zoomed in

Known issues:

Category Description Workaround
Audio on HTC 8X Users on HTC 8X who have not updated their phone to latest firmware will experience muted microphone on audio calls Update your phone using the in device over the air update capability

11 thoughts on “Skype 2.5 for Windows Phone 8 Update

  1. When more options on chat? Font size for example… and instant resume for the App😦

  2. No love for WP7.8?

  3. Please work on the ability to delete messages and history

  4. Congratulations on getting Skype out of the preview status. Skype is the major reason why I purchased a WP8. Now may be a good time to focus on little nuances like setting a default country code when a contact is selected from the WP address book. Instead of complaining and asking the user to edit the phone number, let the app prefix the phone number with the default country code. Also a fix to remember the position in the contact list when the user goes back to the contact list from the detailed page. It also goes to the top of the contact list now. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Bill Coughlin intranetsites said 3 years ago

      Canadian incoming call with prefix 1604 says the country is from russia on redail and 1778 prefix says from movlaina or another far off country, i can not set the default country .. Has anyone got a solution?

  5. Thank you for great application. But please, can you allow landscape mode for chat screen? It’s better for typing on on-screen keyboard.

  6. Hello,

    I’ve been using Skype on Windows Phone for a while now, however there is a small thing that I would like to share:

    there is no bluetooth support? When I’m in the car I can’t call anybody on Skype.

    Is this something that needs to be done from Skype or is it something that needs to be fixed from Windows Phone.


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  9. Bill Coughlin intranetsites said 3 years ago

    I want to buy winows 8 tablet. But i have questions

    Can i add a new contact to my oulook contacts from an incoming skype call.

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