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Skype Chat – Marking all messages as read

S4iPhone.4_6.EditChatSkype’s small business team recently posted about managing Skype calls and messages when you’re away from the office. Today, I’d like to talk about what happens when you come back.

Picture this: you return from a vacation break only to find many unread chat sessions. Or perhaps you have been chatting on Skype on your PC for a few days, and then leave your office and open Skype on a smartphone or tablet while mobile — since Skype Everywhere allows the use of an account on a wide range of devices and platforms. Or maybe you just haven’t opened Skype for a few days on one of your PCs or smartphones.

When you do login you find several “unread” chat messages, usually indicated by seeing a number beside a Contact’s name in the Recent sidebar or a colored Contact name on the iPhone’s Recent screen. It can become tedious trying to “read” each contact’s chat messages individually within a session, especially if one of these chat sessions is a group chat with many messages.

One minor, but very useful, feature that has come to all the recent updates to Skype for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android has been the addition of a way to “Mark All Messages As Read.” But how you accomplish it differs significantly for each platform.

Here’s a summary:

S4W6_2.MarkAllAsRead S4Android.MarkAllAsRead
Skype for Windows Desktop Right Click on the Recent tab Skype for Android Touch the small menu icon in the upper right corner.
s4iPad.MarkAllRead S4iPhone.MarkAllRead
Skype for iPad In the Chat screen, select Edit, scroll to bottom of Recent list Skype for iPhone In the Chat Recent screen, select Edit, click on the check mark in the upper right.
Skype for Mac

In the larger picture of using Skype this may seem trivial, but it’s one of those tips that can save a lot of time and frustration, especially if you have not logged into Skype on a certain device for a few days or you are following active group chats.

How many devices do you use Skype on?

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2 thoughts on “Skype Chat – Marking all messages as read

  1. Using Skype on Windows 8 and it would be *really* handy if this option was available on the main Skype screen (rather than drilling down to notifications). Also the “confirm” is a little pointless, adding an extra click. It would also be nice if this synced between devices – I use Skype on two computers, one Surface and a Windows Phone. Once I clear notifications in once, shouldn’t it clear on all connected devices?

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