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Skype into Space

In February, Tony Bates, the president of the Skype division for Microsoft, addressed the Lync Conference in San Diego. In his keynote, he reflected on the Skype division’s B2X journey, enabling people to connect wherever they are. Today we’re announcing an important milestone in this mission.

This B2X journey is all about removing barriers to communication. To put a stake in the ground we are confronting biggest barrier of them all: the final frontier.

Recent developments in private space travel are bringing the idea of space tourism closer to reality. We want you to be able to use Skype in the same way you do when you’re on Earth and it’s for this reason that we’re announcing Skype into Space. We’re working on taking take the best parts of Skype, like video calling and instant[1] messaging, into the cosmos.

As a part of Skype into Space, we’ll be introducing several new features:

  • Automatic video rotation If you float around in zero gravity while on a video call, the person you’re calling will always see you the right way up.
  • Extreme gravitational resilience Planning an extreme sports trip past a supermassive black hole? Don’t worry, Skype into Space can work through gravitational fields that don’t even let light through.
  • Instant messaging in space Looking to find a new life form? You’ll be able to send instant messages to any part of space, however we can’t guarantee that the potential recipient will have evolved eyes to read them with.
  • Additional language support Our experimental linguists are standing by to learn the languages of any new life forms we come across. We aim to make Skype into Space a truly universal experience.

With Skype into Space, it’s one video call for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Learn more about getting started with Skype into Space.

Skype into Space

[1] Despite our best efforts with quantum teleportation we have yet to make messages travel faster than the speed of light. As soon as we have fixed this bug in reality we will be sure to address any delays to your messages.

22 thoughts on “Skype into Space

  1. Haha. April Fools! Better than google!

  2. I thought I was in Star Trek just for a second…nice post!

  3. Seems legit. Nice april fools joke.

  4. I think this is an april fools joke.

  5. Good April’s Fool joke.

    Please let the “Automatic video rotation” feature be turned off. It’s annoying when you want to take a picture upside down, and the camera automatically corrects it.

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  7. ribice said 3 years ago

    Loved the joke:)

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