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What we learned at BlogHer

Wow, what an event! We had a wonderful time at BlogHer Entrepreneurs 13 last week, the event we hosted with BlogHer for budding women entrepreneurs. To say that we met some interesting people would be an understatement – we were blown away by the creativity, ideas and entrepreneurial spirit shared by the speakers and attendees.

We heard from women who are just getting started with their businesses and some who were well into their first few years – all of whom had seen some level of success. There were some men in attendance, too – everyone had come to hear from the great lineup of speakers and mentors the BlogHer team recruited for the event.

A couple of our favorite messages from the sessions included:

“Every conversation matters.”

The first came from Lisa Stone, in her introduction to the first session. She was referring to the fact that in business, every time you interact with someone, it’s a reflection on you and your business, and a potential opportunity. When you’re discussing a business (or personal) transaction, it can never just be about you and your needs. It’s always a dance between meeting both parties’ desires, and how you play that dance affects whether you make the deal or not. But it doesn’t always have to end the way you envisioned it in order to be a win for you. Sometimes just making a new contact or friend can be beneficial in the long run, so take every conversation seriously when it comes to your business, whether or not you see an immediate opportunity.

“It should always be a yes, until you know it’s a no.”

And this led to the second quote, from Heidi Roizen, about negotiating deals. Whether you’re pitching for funding or selling your idea to a potential customer, she says to keep the mindset that the deal is going to happen, until you know it isn’t. This confidence will help you make big things happen – people like to work with confident people. It makes them feel better about doing business with you when they see that you believe in your success.

On top of all of the great people and content, we met so many Skype fans! Everyone we met was using Skype in different ways, and we’re excited to share some of their stories here on the blog. We’ll be doing just that over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. And if you missed BlogHer Entrepreneurs but would like to know more about what went on, check out the virtual event coverage here.

Have a great week!


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