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Make Your Big Break – Show Your Skills on Simon Cowell’s New Channel “The You Generation”

Do all of your friends say you can sing like an angel? Do your cakes and cookies make your best pals sigh with delight? Does everybody say you do an amazing impression of President Obama? Do you think that you could be the best in the world at dog training, BMX bike riding, stand-up comedy, make-up artistry and more – if only you had the chance to prove it?  Now you can.

You’re probably familiar with Simon Cowell, television producer, entrepreneur, on-air personality, and, as it happens, the world’s most successful talent scout.  Cowell’s television production and music publishing house Syco Entertainment is launching The You Generation, the first online global talent competition and audition process.  The competition gives people the chance to show off their extraordinary skills and win a prize simply by uploading a video of their abilities.

Simon Cowell says, “Skype is a valuable partner for The You Generation. Practicing with your friends is the best way for you to improve your skills and Skype can offer invaluable ways for you to perfect your performance.”

You have to get ready to get noticed; to make sure your performance really shines, hone your talents by rehearsing with your friends on a Skype video call. Receiving live advice from your friends and family as if they were the judges themselves is the perfect way to make sure your audition is as strong as it can be.

Once your performance is ready, you can subscribe to The You Generation channel and upload your auditions for your specific category. From style gurus to extreme athletes, chefs to vocalists, EVERY submission will be judged by Syco executives and experts in the relevant field.  Finalists will be chosen every two weeks, with the winner being announced on the 2nd Friday of every contest.  Every winner will receive a tailored prize plus the chance to have their talent recognized on a truly global scale, and each winner will also become a finalist for the chance to win an amazing grand prize.

 Once you’re prepared to wow the world, head on over to to submit your video.  Good luck!

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