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Managing your group chats like a boss

Group chats are great for keeping everyone updated on the latest goings on. At work I use group chats for everything, from introducing people with a shared interest, to planning where to go for lunch.

Skype has a range of options for managing your group chats, here I will give you some advanced tips on managing your group chats using chat commands. So strap yourself in and get ready to learn how to get the most out of chatting in groups.

Create a link for your group chat

You can create a link to a group chat which will allow your friends to join the group when they click it. When you create the chat, type /set options +JOINING_ENABLED to allow users to join via a link without needing to be added by you. After pressing enter you won’t be notified of any changes, but the chat will be joinable by others.

Creating link in Skype

Secondly, type /get uri and you should see a link appear in the chat window. Send that link to your friends and they can join the group whenever they’re ready by clicking on the link. Here’s an example of what the link might look like.


Create a password to keep things secure

To control who can join your chat you can set a password for your group by typing /set password [PasswordText]. You don’t need to include the square brackets.

You can also set a password hint for your friends with the command /set password_hint [HintText] again without square brackets.

What if I still get people I don’t want in my group chat?

You can stop specific people from joining your group by adding them to a ban list. Don’t worry, you can always change your mind later!

To remove someone who has already joined the group and ban them at the same time simply type /kickban [SkypeName]

To ban someone who is not in the group from joining type /set banlist +[SkypeName]

To remove the ban on someone just type /set banlist –[SkypeName]

Learn more on Skype chat commands or how to use the commands discussed above.

2 thoughts on “Managing your group chats like a boss

  1. Hello, your command to set the join enable is not completely correct: “+” missing before “joining…”

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