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A Skype fan from the UK shares tips for Mother’s Day gift ideas

We’ve been hunting for tips on what to get for Mother’s Day, this Sunday March 10, and we wanted to share this email, from Jean Davis in Buckinghamshire in the UK.

Dear Skype,

My son is going to Skype call me on Mother’s Day, as usual and so I wanted to share my tip with everyone.

He built a special stand for my iPad so that he didn’t have to keep looking up my nose during Skype calls.

He kept telling me to hold it up in front of my face instead of leaving it on the kitchen table.

After that, we just had audio calls for a while, until he came up with the stand idea.

Now it’s great, I can talk to all my grandchildren and my sister in New Zealand – after I persuaded her to buy a tablet too. She bought a Samsung.

I didn’t have to buy mine, my son bought it for Mother’s Day.

It’s not only the best present I’ve had for Mother’s Day.

It’s the best present ever. Mainly for the Skype. I’m 73 and people don’t think I’m very tech savvy.

But I got used to it really quickly. It’s much better than my old PC upstairs. I used Skype on that, but not very often.

Now, I’m using it all the time.

My son says I should get a smartphone and says you can use Skype on that too and that I’d be able to use that anywhere, even when I’m out.

But why would I want one? My old Nokia works fine, but I hardly ever need it now.

I just use Skype all the time on the iPad. So instead, he said he’s going to get me a Skype subscription. He says I’ll be able have video conference calls with my sisters and my grandchildren. I’m looking forward to that.

Anyway, I hope you like my tip. Mums would love Skype for Mother’s Day best and if they already have it, give them more Skype, like my son is. Oh and don’t forget the stand idea as well, or you’d better ask for nose hair clippers too.

All the best, Jean

PS, If you use this email, can you send me a Skype subscription for my sister?

This Mother’s Day, forget flowers and chocolates – give something with Skype on it, whether it’s a tablet, phone or laptop.

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