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Chords, Keys and Lyrics Composed via Skype

Denver, Colorado: it’s not exactly a hotbed of the music industry.  But 17-year old singer-songwriter Megan Redmond isn’t the type of person to let geography stand in her way.  Although she was born in Denver, because of her passion for music and songwriting, her parents decided to move her to Nashville, TN when she was about 14 years old.

As a songwriter with friends living abroad, Skype enables Megan to select from a greater pool of people to work with. Instead of being able to meet only several times per year, multiple “visits” can be made per month without the hassle of traveling. This aided in forming her working relationship with Michael August, a New Jersey-based songwriter. Michael had reached out to fellow musician Shane Barrett, whom Megan had also been working with, in hopes of finding someone to collaborate with on a song. The result was the first face-to-face meeting between he and Megan in Nashville. They initially began their song in the studio, where the music and lyrics first came to life, taking to Skype video calling afterwards to build upon what they had started.

Megan, who has worked with all types of songwriters from different walks of life, thinks it’s “really cool when you meet writers who have the same mindset.” Something she experienced with Michael, who from the get-go was completely in sync with her style.

After a couple of months of working together, they nailed down a finished product – ‘Love You Like I Do,’ a fun pop song with a catchy hook. It’s a song Megan says is also one of the strongest she’s ever written. And while their connection was instant, the process of writing this song would have been much different had they not been able to use Skype.

Singer-songwriter Megan Redmond.

According to Megan, “part of co-writing is being in a room with somebody, and feeding off their energy.” That makes writing over the phone or via email not easy, as both make it difficult to truly understand the other person and their reasoning. With Skype, Megan was able to see and hear Michael simultaneously, interpret his body language, identify which chords were being played and sound off different ideas for lyrics. “Using Skype makes it feel like we’re in the same room together, even though we’re so many miles away and in different places in the world.”

Megan and Michael are still working closely to devise a plan for ‘Love You Like I Do,’ including who they would like to demo the song to and how they would like to position it. Megan believes it’s an “awesome” song and has “high hopes that it has a big future.”

How do you use Skype to collaborate with others?

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One thought on “Chords, Keys and Lyrics Composed via Skype

  1. A major reason exchanging music over Skype-to-Skype calls works so well is Skype’s use of superwideband audio technology that captures and transmits all the harmonics of the notes in the music.

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