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Skype for Android now with calling to Messenger users

I would like to introduce to you new version of Skype for Android.

We are delighted to deliver to you:

  • Calling to Messenger users
    Now you can call everyone on Messenger straight from your Android device. Just pick the contact and call. The call will ring on their devices as a normal incoming call.
  • Phone view for 7” tablets

Based on the user feedback we have changed the Skype design for 7” tablets to use the same design as we have for the smartphones.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Start downloading the new version now and let us know what you think about it by commenting what matters on our Support Network.

Skype 3.2 for Android full release notes are:

Fixed issues:

Category Description
Calling Call ring sound did not play when device was muted.
Calling Headset plug events were not handled properly.
Generic In rare cases invalid status was shown on action bar.
Generic Action bar icons had scaling issues on some devices.
Localization Video Messages links in Japanese localization did not work properly.
Samsung Galaxy Y Profile and Call Phones icons were missing from the dashboard.

Known issues:

Category Description Workaround
Google Nexus 7 Paying back a Video Message on Nexus 7 will make Skype unresponsive None available
File sending Initiating file send from phone view on tablet causes „Choose an action dialogue“. None available
Video calling When tapping away from video call the video being received is stopped. None available
Google Nexus 7 Skype logo is not shown on the device on landscape mode. None available
Calling Rarely Call Phones screen is shown instead of Skype two Skype call. None available
Calling Rarely pre-call screen might not be displayed. None available

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