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What’s new with Skype and small business

To celebrate the connection of Lync 2013 with Skype, we thought we’d share some highlights from the Lync Conference in San Diego, as well as some of the other ways Skype was hard at work in small businesses last week.

From the living room to the boardroom

At the Lync Conference this past Tuesday, Tony Bates – the president of Microsoft’s Skype division – revealed a clear vision for the future of communications. It’s all about taking communications to the next level and enabling people to connect wherever they are, from the living room to the boardroom.

Soon Lync 2013 users will be able to connect with anyone on Skype, unifying business communications and keeping the focus on human interaction. Lync-Skype connectivity for presence, IM and voice will be available to all Lync users by June. Check out Tony’s blog on Microsoft News Center for more details.

If you weren’t at the conference, take a look through these photos from our view at The Lounge while you catch up on the conference keynotes from Derek Burney, Tony Bates and Elisa Steele.

Remote employees seek connection

As many of us know, working from home has many advantages. However, without the proper tools, remote employees can feel isolated from colleagues.

In this article, Ken Condren, VP of technology at C3/CustomerContactChannels, describes his frustrations with a conference call he participated on from his home office, during which a side conversation was taking place that he didn’t understand.

“I felt so out of the loop,” recalled Condren.

As the writer notes, tools like Skype resolve the issue by providing the face-to-face connection remote employees can miss. Condren’s company uses Microsoft Lync to collaborate globally with remote employees.

Tri-Sector Forum talks business

We loved seeing Matthew Thomas, executive director of Tri-Sector Forum, use Skype to talk to business students at McGill University last week. Business, education and Skype… a wonderful trifecta!



Skype connects Smart Office Challenge winning team

Get a glimpse of the future in this video from the winners of HP and Microsoft’s Smart Office Challenge, where entrants were challenged to design the ultimate office space of the future using HP technology.

The winners, MulvannyG2 Architecture and Zac & Co., collaborated on a design called HP MIMIC, a movable workspace that can be customized by touching a screen.

Skype helped make collaboration possible for the two winning companies.

“My company is based in Brooklyn and the MulvannyG2 team is in D.C., so we used Skype, DropBox, and some open source tools to share sketches and ideas in real time,” said Zachary Feltoon of Zac & Co.


We love to see all of the ways Skype can help businesses work smarter. Did you use Skype in an interesting way for business lately? Share your story in the comments, below.

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