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How to get Skype Click to Call back on your Chrome Browser

Today, we learned that Skype users who have updated to Chrome 25 may have unintentionally had their Skype Click to Call extension auto-disabled, along with other third party extensions.

Chrome users, don’t miss out:

– Skype Click to Call enables you to go from browsing to calling in a single click.
– Many calls are free to make with Click to Call installed.
– And our latest extension is super-fast and light.

For Skype Click to Call users impacted by the Chrome update, here’s how to re-enable your Skype Click to Call experience:

1. When you launch Chrome 25 for the first time, you will see the Time for a tune-up’ message appear indicating Skype has been disabled. Don’t panic. Breathe.

2. Select Extension Settings

3. On the Extensions page next to Skype Click to Call, click Enable

Chrome - Time for a tune-up

You can also enable Skype Click to Call anytime later in Chrome’s settings:

1. Click the Chrome menu on the top-right of the browser toolbar.

2. Select Tools.

3. Select Extensions.

4. On the Extensions page next to Skype Click to Call, click Enable


And to get the latest Skype Click to Call extension click here, future updates will install automatically. You will still need to ensure Click to Call remains enabled.

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