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Skype 1.5 for Windows 8 with file sharing

Today we have released Skype 1.5 for Windows 8. You can download it through the Windows Store.

With version 1.5, we have added file sharing, so you can send and receive photos or documents while instant messaging or calling your friends and family.

We’re listening to our users, and file sharing has been one of the biggest features they’ve been asking for in Skype for Windows 8.

Win8 file sharing

With this release, we have also improved performance and stability of the application, focusing specifically on accelerating Skype start up and loading of content.

We are committed and excited to improve and add to Skype for Windows 8, meeting new user needs and improving the overall experience and feature set.  Look for more in our next release.

Learn more how to share files in Skype for 1.5 for Windows 8. Leave us feedback by visiting our Support Network.

14 thoughts on “Skype 1.5 for Windows 8 with file sharing

  1. why can’t u see people who is away and u can not still set it to away ur self? it’s useless without that

  2. awesome… would be nice an option to hide the content of latest conversation in the home screen

  3. pity I can’t use Skype (nor any other Metro apps) with UAC disabled…

  4. That’s looking good!
    Looking forward to more awesome features. Good work!

  5. merike said 3 years ago

    Why is this post showing up in linux feed at
    Also why does authentication here through Twitter require privileges to tweet from my account not just identification?

    • Shana Pearlman said 3 years ago

      Hi Merike, because of the updates to our blog platform, the RSS feed and commenting mechanics have changed somewhat. The platform will not tweet on your behalf unless you’d like to share something on Twitter. Thanks! Shana from Skype.

  6. Thank you so much!

    Please add screen-sharing and message editing marker in next release.

  7. nice:) I still really, really want screen sharing though…

  8. arknu said 3 years ago

    Better late than never I guess. But would you please finally fix the single-biggest issue with Skype for Windows 8: It does not log me on automatically when starting the computer – even though I am signed in with a Microsoft Account. How this is still unfixed is beyond me – every other Windows 8 app (like CNN) can start automatically, but not Skype… and Skype is made by Microsoft!

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  10. Will Microsoft port SKYPE to Chrome OS, or support a web interface? I guess until that happens, SKYPE won’t run on computers like Chromebook because Chrome OS is incompatible with Windows.

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