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A view on Skype + Lync: ‘From the Living Room to the Board Room’

Today I’m here at the sold out Lync Conference in sunny San Diego. Tony Bates, the president of Skype division for Microsoft, just finished his keynote address, unveiling a clear vision for the future of communications, which is about enabling people to connect wherever they are, from the living room to the board room.

“We are transforming communications to the next level,” Bates stated in his keynote. “People are at the center of this vision. It’s about putting people first, removing barriers to communication, making it natural, and friction free.”

Tony announced that Lync 2013 is connecting with Skype, a move intended to help your organization become more empowered and connected.

I am personally excited about this vision and opportunity, as it also points to the hard work across the Lync and Skype teams who are bringing Skype features into Lync. Lync is a robust communications platform for the enterprise, and bringing Skype features into it is a terrific move, as it will give Lync users even more opportunities to communicate in ways that bridge the gap, helping people connect wherever they are.

“We’re at the beginning of a new journey. We call this B2X. This is not just about B2B or B2C communications. This is about communications to any endpoint. We are deeply committed to delivering this in a flexible and scalable way that rehumanizes the way we communicate,” Bates said during the closing of his keynote.

For more details about today’s news and exciting keynote, check out Tony’s blog on Microsoft News Center.

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