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Say hello to the new Skype Blogs

We’re happy (and more than a little proud) to announce the re-launch of Skype Blogs.

In just a little over nine years, Skype’s grown from a tiny startup to one of the most widely used ways for people to share important experiences with friends, family and colleagues – it’s important that our blogs keep pace with this evolution and with their own expanding audience.

Take a spin through the new Skype Blogs. They now have a clean, streamlined look and improved search and social media integration, and can better share our excitement and insights about Skype with people all around the world.


None of this could have happened without Aaron Shaw, a Digital Marketing Manager at Skype, and Shana Pearlman, Skype’s Social Media Manager, who led the charge to get the venerable blogs rebooted for the optimal user experience.

Aaron says, “I’m really pleased with the social media integrations, like the sharing bar. I’m also very excited to add search functionality to the blogs for the first time along with related posts at the end of each article and author pages for finding additional content by the same author.”

Shana adds, “I’m particularly excited about how easy it is to add images and video to our blogs, creating a rich experience for our users. Not only can we add single images, we can create slideshows, meaning we can tell stories with multiple images, or do step-by-step product images.”

Skype Blogs will now be telling more stories than ever before and engaging with our users in new and exciting ways. We can better share user experiences,  the amazing ways Skype is used every day, great Skype tips, hints for small and medium businesses, and information about new releases – not to mention, gather important user feedback for our product teams.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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