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Skype and Messenger Coming Together: The Next Chapter

Skype is known around the world for helping people stay close whenever they’re apart.  It makes us proud that more than 280 million people choose Skype to connect with their loved ones and colleagues every month.

We love the opportunity to help more people laugh, gossip, share stories or just spend time together.  That’s why we’re excited about welcoming Windows Live Messenger users to Skype. Last November, we announced that Messenger and Skype are coming together with the option to sign in with a Microsoft account.

We want everyone who uses Messenger to have a positive experience. Upgrading to Skype can help you communicate in flexible ways, and be connected on more devices and platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone, Android and soon Blackberry.

The upgrade from Messenger to Skype on Windows desktop will start on April 8*. The process will take a few weeks to complete. We’ll start the upgrades with our English language clients, and finish up with Brazilian Portuguese on April 30 or later.

Skype offers many features Messenger users know and love such as emoticons, group instant messaging, and screen sharing, and we think you will discover many other advantages of using Skype:

  • Instant message conversation history
  • The ability to edit and remove instant messages
  • Being able to share files and contact information
  • Video calling and instant messaging with Facebook friends
  • Group video calling

We’re continuing to share ways Messenger users can learn more about Skype, like this tutorial of a Messenger user getting to know how to use Skype including its instant messaging experience.

WLM tutorial

As Messenger users upgrade to Skype on their desktops, we also encourage them to download Skype on their mobile devices, and sign in with their Microsoft account to check out all that Skype has to offer.  For more help on upgrading to Skype, please visit the Skype Support site. We would love to hear your feedback–select the “Give Feedback” link in the Skype Help menu to tell us what you think.

*With the exception of mainland China where Messenger will continue to be available.

21 thoughts on “Skype and Messenger Coming Together: The Next Chapter

  1. That’s great and all, but for those of us on Windows 8 that rely on the messaging app to also handle facebook messages, when are you going to start supporting FB chat in the metro app?

  2. And what about messenger on xbox? Skype on xbox?

  3. I agree with other comments and i have just some other suggests:
    – Use microsoft account as primary login option
    – windows 8: remove messenger app and add facebook chat support into skype app
    – wp8: remove messenger and add skype into message hub
    – xbox replace messenger with skype (game mode status with only xbox friends)
    – replace messenger with skype
    – add real offline message system (something like facebook)
    – merge microsoft account and skype profile

    just a little feedback I signed in with my facebook account to comment, you should add Microsoft account

  4. cantoris said 3 years ago

    Perhaps you can make it clearer regarding accounts. Will we all be using Skype with a native Skype account or with a “Microsoft Account” eventually?

  5. Now when you open skype, it’s asked by default to login with your skype account, and only if you click on a button you can with microsoft account…i’d like the opposite in future. Of course skype should tell users what’s happening and propose them to create a microsoft account if they don’t have one, explaining about more microsoft services they can have for free with microsoft account:)

  6. I upgraded to Skype on both my laptop and desktop and now they can’t be online at the same time. Whenever i connect somewhere, messengers contact are offline on the other computer. Support tells me this is normal since Skype does not officially support more than one account / one device at a time…

    This was supported by WLM for years and needs to be in Skype as well. Else even the message hub in Windows phone will become useless…

  7. Thanks for the update and mitigation the migration trouble from Windows Live Messenger to Skype.

    OAN, I agree with Emiliano. In addition to the suggestions, I would like to add few more:

    – display the edited message marker in Windows Store app.
    – provide the ability to edit and remove messages in Windows Store app.
    – screen sharing and file sharing in Windows Store app.
    – release Windows Phone 8 app final version.
    – ability to use rare-facing camera in WP8.
    – ability to share file on WP8 via Skype.
    – integration with Messaging and People hubs on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms.
    – Skype + Xbox integration. Besides a mere app for messaging and video conversation, please allow games developers to consume Skype telephony API for real time multiplayer games development. Extend this functionality in Windows Store and Windows Phone SDKs.

    I am very hopeful Skype would bring tons of wonders in Windows ecosystem.😎

  8. This is a pain. I am an occasional user of Skype. I am a daily user of Messenger. Now I will have to load all the unecessary bloat of Skype in order to access a simple Messenger. This not user-friendly; it is Microsoft-only friendly – a marketing ploy to boost Skype useage, not a convenience for customers.

  9. Skype you’re miles away from Messenger…. Disconnecting Messenger is a wrong decision. Messenger users would happily migrate to Skype the moment Skype surpasses Messenger feature/usability.

  10. I’m fine with changing from Microsoft Messenger to Skype, but there is one thing that I liked about Microsoft messenger that I can’t do with Skype, changing my front color. I can’t do that with Skype it’s the same black boring color. I’d rather go to a different messenger than use Skype if they won’t add that. If I’m being made to switch at least have all the same instant messenger options.

  11. Nate said 3 years ago

    I feel like I won’t have a choice but to move to Yahoo! Messenger, which I want to NOT do because obviously Windows 8 is integrated with the Microsoft Account system, but not addressing obvious issues is really pissing me off.

    Still cannot send any Offline Facebook Messages, or any to people that are Mobile. That makes the Desktop Client useless. The RT client has no Facebook Integration, so it’s useless to use as you end up getting too many duplicate notifications otherwise from WLM friends when you merge accounts. Also, unlike the Messaging Hub, Skype for Windows RT doesn’t actually get anything unless you start the program up and minimize it.

    Pretty bad if your PC rebooted for an update overnight and you forgot to open the program. You end up missing everything. The desktop app, however, can start on boot. I really don’t even care about the RT app at this point. It’s slow, has more intrusive ads, a pretty bad user interface, no chat bubbles, no file transfer, worse audio and video quality than the desktop app, ad infinitum. It’s just bad. Just give us Offline Facebook Messenger support in the Desktop Client and I’ll be good, especially since I barely use the Start Screen or any RT apps.

    If it doesn’t come soon, I’m going to look into downgrading back to Windows 7 (order a recovery DVD from HP to do it, etc.) and using Yahoo! Messenger instead.

  12. video calling between messenger contacts not working!!

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  20. why can t someone on yahoo messager vidio connect with someone who on skype or facebook do a vidio call

  21. I am finding my migration to skype is creating a lot of work for me as I have been unable to add new contacts and am having to use several messenger services whereas before I did not have to do this. I am about to leave as I have new people I need to connect with via a messenger service and managing more than one service and spending this much time trying to figure out how to add people and having them not found is very unproductive.

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