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Tell Us Your #SkypeLove Story!

Every day is a perfect day to show someone just how much you love them, and we know Skype can play a big role in connecting you with that special person you care a lot about.  Regardless if you use Skype for sending instant messages, making calls from your mobile phone, having a video call on your desktop, or sending texts (SMS), Skype has a way of making it so much easier for you to share a laugh, blow kisses, or even shed a tear with someone you love.


Illustration by Bitstixs

We recently kicked off  a little heart-warming fun with a contest on Twitter for our fans to share their #SkypeLove story.  This is not about us, it’s about you. Don’t tell us why you love Skype.  Tell us about what you do with your loved ones over Skype. It can be romantic love, pet love, baby love, BFF love, or the kind of love with someone in your family far away.

It’s really simple.  We’re running the contest from February 14th until February 28th.  During that time, you can enter the sweepstakes by simply tweeting with hashtag #SkypeLove.  Optionally, include a picture or a video.  Or if you are feeling really creative, share an illustration with a caption.  We will give away* four prize packages including a Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater featuring a powerful sound processor designed by Audifi.

* No purchase necessary.  Must be Twitter user 18+.  See Official Rules:

One thought on “Tell Us Your #SkypeLove Story!

  1. #SkypeLove story

    i am personally using Skype .its very efficient & all the family members are using Skype for long days.its easy to setup , easy to use.excellent software design .& looking video calling is special feature

    these words are suitable for Skype

    k – king in online
    y- yippee
    e- efficient

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