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Couples Use Skype to Bridge the Distance

Long-distance relationships are never easy.  Different time zones and busy schedules can make keeping the flame going with a far-flung mate very difficult. While closing the distance can be hard, many couples rely on Skype to make their relationship work.

Mallory and Nick met for the first time last summer during an environmental film class at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The pair connected instantly after being placed in the same group to create a documentary for a class project. Between working 12 hours a day on their documentary and spending nearly all of their free time together Mallory, 20 years old, and Nick, 22 years old, grew to be very close. While they thought it was best to act professional among their peers, on a personal level they began to wonder where they stood relationship-wise.

Nick and Mallory

Once their summer program ended the pair joined Mallory’s family on a trip to Hawaii, but they still had their reservations about making a commitment. Mallory was currently a student at Stanford in Northern California and Nick lived in his hometown of Los Angeles. Both had their reservations about entering a long distance relationship. As summer came to an end, Nick dutifully helped Mallory move back to Stanford and then made his way back home. After only three days of being apart, they decided the separation was enough. They made it official and became a couple.

Now separated by a few hundred miles, they use Skype video calling nearly every day to maintain their connection. Mallory, already an avid Skype user, said, “To be able to actually see the other person and see their body language makes for a completely different experience than talking over the phone.” Nick, a newcomer to Skype added, “Texting and talking on the phone can’t account for the entire range of emotions, which you can see on Skype.” For him, it feels like they’re in the same room even while they’re miles apart.

Nick and Mallory aren’t alone – we hear from lots of other people in long distance relationships, and you can see some of their stories below. Are you and your partner in a long distance romance? How do you use Skype to help bridge the distance gap?

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