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International Fashion Designer LaQuan Smith: “Skype is Like My Lifeline!”

LaQuan Smith is a designer and a visionary who has had a flair for fashion since being taught to sew by his grandmother at a young age. After a battle with cancer in 2007, he recognized a desire to design clothing as one of his life’s dreams. In 2010 at just 20 years old, he proudly debuted his premiere collection in front of an esteemed group of fashion insiders, and his career has been on a the rise ever since. Now 23, Smith’s carefully constructed collection has been featured several times in Vogue and adorned by icons including Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Tyra Banks and even pop princess Rihanna.

International Fashion Designer LaQuan Smith.

International Fashion Designer LaQuan Smith.

As an international designer and businessman, Smith’s collection is sold in boutiques all over the globe from New York to Paris to Africa. The nature of his business requires extensive travel and he relies on Skype to stay in touch from wherever he is. “Skype is like my life line! I use it so much to keep in contact with everyone from business partners to family members,” says Smith. He also uses Group Video Calling to correspond with his team while they’re on the go all at once. He cites Skype for giving him the opportunity to meet with new business partners and chat with journalist across the world no matter where he is. “I’ve even used video calling to participate in a live, on-air media interview all the way from Fiji.”

Smith is putting the finishing touches on his Fall 2013 LaQuan Smith Collection. If his previous work is any indication, we are in for a real treat, as he says that his intricate designs will embody the luxury and quality that we’ve seen in the past. This level of detail doesn’t come easily and Smith has often relied on Skype video calls to lend a hand. “I have used Skype to showcase my sketches or even show someone how I wanted a certain technique done on a garment.”
LaQuan Smith Fall 2013 will be showing Monday February 11, 2013. How do you use Skype to pursue your passion?

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