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Are Skype Therapy Sessions Right for You?

As the New Year approaches, giving mental health a tune up is often on the list of resolutions. But whether you’re suffering from anxiety or looking for perspective on unresolved family issues, finding the perfect therapist or counselor is important.

New York native Frank Scott had been in therapy for 8 years before his therapist moved to Israel in 2004. At the time they decided to end their sessions; that is until Frank took a position in Israel in 2010. But then once again, two years later, distance became a deterrent when Frank’s therapist moved back to the U.S. Only this time they decided to keep their sessions going via Skype! “I have a habit of being perpetually 5 or 10 minutes late for in-person meetings, now that we are using Skype, I no longer have an excuse, because I am able log in from my desk,” says Frank. Another benefit, Frank’s therapist interacts with most of his clients via Skype allowing for greater flexibility when there is a last minute scheduling conflict. The biggest difference: “I notice the time.” Frank says. “I never wear a watch so before I would talk without a concept of time. Now I am able to glance at the clock on my computer to determine how much longer our session will last, it’s not distracting but I do notice.” On the downside Frank does experience the occasional connection issue, but feels that overall he is able to experience the same comfort and ease that he did with in-person meetings.

Another benefit to pursuing therapy online is that it broadens your options. Whereas in Frank’s case he had the opportunity to keep in touch with his therapists after he moved, others find a therapist or counselor outside of their region. For Collette Ellis, a New York based stress management coach and Principal of InStep Consulting; she’s had the opportunity to expand her clientele outside of her area. Colette has counseled clients as far away as Kenya! She believes, “Online coaching/therapy open up the possibility for clients to hire reputable (professionals) that meet their needs/goals regardless of where they live.” Just be sure to be as open as possible about establishing a schedule, routine and a shared comfort level using Skype!

Do Skype therapy sessions appeal to you?

3 thoughts on “Are Skype Therapy Sessions Right for You?

  1. Online Therapy via Skype can be a wonderful option for people who are looking for help for anxiety or depression or a problem with addictions, but are either unable to leave home or are unable to find a suitable therapist locally. Many of my clients live abroad for example and in need of a therapist who speaks English and shares the same cultural outlook.
    One client suffered from Agoraphobia. She found it very hard to drive to see a local therapist, so the online therapy option was a very welcome option.
    Boulder Center for Online Mindfulness Therapy (

  2. At P-Therapy we utilise the internet and Skype with many of our clients for all the reasons mentioned above plus others. Counselling via Skype obviously has less overheads so can be offered to clients more cost-effectively. Relating to the time element – there are less “overheads” for the client by cutting out the time spent getting to and from a session. Lastly, many clients really want the anonymity that telephone/ audio-only or email counselling offers them in the beginning. We have reached and supported hundreds of people who would probably never have accessed therapy if it wasn’t for the internet!

  3. orelanic said 3 years ago

    Therapists just like people will have to embrace the modern ways of talking.
    Skype therapy or online therapy are just some words that describe counselling services online, it’s not suitable for all types of mental health conditions or high risk clients but it can help in many ways.
    I have been providing therapy online for several years and I understand that this way is often the only option for lots of people.

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