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Face the Music

We love bringing you oh-so-wonderful experiences. And now we’re giving you a shot at the ultimate concert experience – a chance to meet Ellie Goulding, Fun. or Passion Pit. Sharing photos over Skype makes capturing moments of excitement simple and fun whether you’re at home or on the go. With Face the Music, we’re giving you a … Read more

No Skype, tudo depende da qualidade da rede

Ajudar você a conseguir fazer chamadas de qualidade pelo Skype é uma prioridade do nosso blog. Hoje, vamos dar algumas dicas de como obter a melhor conexão para fazer as suas chamadas do Skype. Esteja você em casa ou na… Read more

Skype 6.1 for Windows Desktop and Outlook integration: making work easier

If you’re like us at Skype, there’s a good chance Microsoft Office is pretty integral to your workday. You likely use Outlook to send and receive emails and to keep your contacts organized and manage your calendar. That’s why I… Read more

Skype y el teatro

Hoy queremos contaros una historia que nos ha llamado mucho la atención porque demuestra como Skype ya forma parte del universo de las artes, y autores como Denise Desperyoux lo utilizan como una solución creativa a los diálogos no presenciales… Read more

Skype 3.1 for Android with portrait calling on tablets

Today we have released Skype 3.1 for Android. New in this release: Portrait calling on tablets Localization to Portuguese, Norwegian and English (UK) Performance improvements and fixes Skype 3.1 for Android is available to download from Google Play. We would like to hear your feedback; get in touch with us on the Skype Support Network … Read more

Prepárate para estar a la última

Hoy vamos a hablar sobre algunos dispositivos que pueden ayudarte a aumentar la calidad de las llamadas de Skype. Te damos algunas ideas para que puedas aprovecharte de las rebajas. Para conseguir un look Madonna, hazte con unos auriculares… Read more

Get the low-down on screen sharing with Skype

Skype helps people collaborate. That’s a big benefit to many small businesses, especially those with dispersed colleagues. In fact, many people tell me that screen sharing is their favorite Skype collaboration tool. I share that enthusiasm. Sharing your screen is… Read more


圣诞刚刚过去,春节转眼又到!很多人会利用节日假期好好休息,而有些人则忙于四出奔走买礼物,到亲朋好友拜年吃饭,送上节日的祝福。 我们知道大家在节日期间都非常忙碌,而且还要通过Skype与远在世界各地的亲朋好友联系。不过别担心,我们将在接下来的 Read more

Skype Talks With LIVE with Kelly and Michael's Michael Strahan

From winning a Super Bowl and setting a record in his final NFL season to producing and starring in a sitcom to now taking over one of the biggest jobs in television as the co-host of LIVE with Kelly and… Read more


聖誕剛剛過去,春節轉眼又到!很多人會利用節日假期好好休息,而有些人則忙於四出奔走買禮物,到親朋戚友家拜年吃飯,送上節日的祝福。   我們知道大家在節日期間都非常忙碌,並透過Skype與遠在世界各地的親戚好友聯繫。因此,我們將在未來 Read more

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