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Skype and Gaga: Highlights from The Born This Way Ball

We’ve had an exciting past few months accompanying Lady Gaga as the official partner of her world tour: The Born This Way Ball.

From Stockholm to London to Barcelona, we’ve helped Little Monsters experience the show in incredible new ways: from instantly sharing their looks on our Blue Carpet with Skype Photo Share to leaving messages for Gaga in our video booth.

Along the tour we’ve invited local fashion bloggers, Gaga fans and even DJ’s to join us and share their favorite moments from the experience. As the tour makes its start through the US, we thought we would take a look back at some highlights from the tour so far.

In London, we brought along Little Monster and talented Gaga illustrator Helen Green whose drawings have caught the attention of Gaga in the past.

Phase 2 pic 1.jpg

Helen had the chance to meet Lady Gaga backstage after the show and even became the first Little Monster in the Haus of Gaga! We are incredibly proud of Helen and happy that we could bring these artists together for a wonderful moment.

Phase 2 pic 2.png

“Since meeting Lady Gaga at her Twickenham show, I had the amazing opportunity to attend her fragrance launch at Harrods in London. It was such a memorable night to be part of, I met some lovely people from the Haus as well as Gaga herself, and spoke to some Little Monsters at the event too.

The news of me becoming the first fan-member of the Haus of Gaga has made it possible for me to share my work with a much larger audience.

I’m so grateful to know that my work is appreciated, and I’m extremely thankful for Skype Events for giving me such a life-changing experience.”
– Helen Green

Phase 2 Photo 3.jpeg
Moving onto Milan, we asked fashion blogger Nicoletta to be our Skype Reporter, and she created a fantastic video recapping the night with the fans on the blue carpet before the show:

For music lovers like DJ Lindsay Woods, The Born This Way Ball in São Paulo was not just another concert, but as she describes, “one of the best days of my life.” Be sure to catch herfull recap on her blog.

Phase 2 Photo 4.jpeg

Now as The Born This Way Ball makes its way through the U.S., we’re excited to meet the Little Monsters at the shows from Seattle to Florida. If you’re headed to an upcoming show, be sure to check out for ideas on what to wear, what to expect at the show and don’t forget to stop by the Skype blue carpet upon your arrival to get your photo taken.

Phase 2 Photo 5.jpeg

For more exclusive videos, including our world tour recap videos, check out our playlist on YouTube or take a peek below to see what it’s all about:

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