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Skype 3.1 for Android with portrait calling on tablets

Today we have released Skype 3.1 for Android.

New in this release:

  • Portrait calling on tablets
  • Localization to Portuguese, Norwegian and English (UK)
  • Performance improvements and fixes

Skype 3.1 for Android is available to download from Google Play. We would like to hear your feedback; get in touch with us on the Skype Support Network or leave a comment to this post.

Full release notes for Skype are:

Category Description
Calling It was not possible to answer incoming calls with locked screen on Android 4.1.
Calling Skype did work with proximity sensor on Android 4.2.
Calling Incoming call screen was not properly aligned on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
General Skype occasionally crashed when put to background on Android 4.1 and 4.2.

One thought on “Skype 3.1 for Android with portrait calling on tablets

  1. Steven C said 3 years ago

    This works great on the tablet – thanks!

    One thing I noticed is that if the other end is the PC version of Skype, the image of the tablet user is cut off on the top and bottom. Is there a setting / feature to switch the PC Skype to view the whole portrait image? I adjusted the borders but the aspect ratio stayed the same.

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