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The Web Television Industry Is Powered by Skype

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual International Academy for Web Television (IAWTV) Awards ceremony in Las Vegas. The event, which was held on the same site as the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), serves as a platform for members of the IAWTV to honor the best content creators in the Web television, Web video and the digital entertainment industries.

What impressed me most was learning just how rapidly the Web television industry is growing. There were over 1,000 different Web television series produced in the last year alone. These short-form digital videos (most are less than 20 minutes in length) range across genres like comedy, sci-fi or horror. What makes them different is that they are primarily distributed on-demand or streamed live over the Internet. Some of the serialized shows receive more than 6 million unique viewers an episode. So this is definitely an industry to watch.

While at the IAWTV Awards, I had the privilege to interview a number of the leaders of the Web television industry and award nominees on the red carpet before the Awards ceremony, where I had the chance to ask them about how they use Skype. As you’ll see from the video montage below, Skype plays an integral part in the writing, casting, production (both behind the camera and often as part of the show itself) and marketing of these great Web television programs. In addition, Skype enables talent to stay in touch with their families who may be far away, to interact directly with their fans and to conduct interviews via video call with media around the world.

I’d like to especially thank the following Web television industry leaders, writers and actors for taking the time to speak with me on the IAWTV Awards red carpet:
• Shira Lazar, Creator and Host of “What’s Trending with Shira Lazar
• Chris Hardwick, Host, Podcaster and Producer of “The Nerdist” podcast, “All-Star Celebrity Bowling” and the Nerdist Channel
• Felicia Day, Actress and Writer, “The Guild,” “The Flog,” Geek & Sundry
• Jane Espenson, Writer and Producer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ABC’s Once Upon a Time and “Husbands
• The entire cast of “Husbands,” including Alessandra Torresani, Sean Hemeon, Brad Bell and Jeff Greenstein
• Steven Itano Wasserman and Victor R. Solis, Creators of “Generic Girl
• Mark Malkoff, Comedian, Filmmaker, Host of “The Bill Murray Show” on and star of viral videos including “Celebrity Sleepovers,” “Big Wheel vs. Bus,” “Carried Away in New York City” and “Mark Lives in IKEA
• Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward, Writers and Producers of “Anyone But Me
• Members of the cast of “Anyone But Me,” including Rachael Hip-Flores and Nicole Pacent
• Yuri Lowenthal, Actor, Ben10: Omniverse and “Shelf Life
• Tara Platt, Actress, “Shelf Life
• Members of the cast of “The Adventures of the League of STEAM,” including Jayare (James Lavrakas), Baron von Fogel (Andrew Fogel), Coyote (Glenn Freund) and Jasper Mooney (Duane Matthews)

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