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Top 10 Tips to Kick off 2013 with Skype

As we begin the New Year, we thought that we would share with you our top tips to make sure you have a fantastic Skype experience with your family, friends, and colleagues.

1. Group call and chat
Simply drag and drop contacts into an existing chat window to start a group call or group chat. Keep in mind you can also catch up with your friends, colleagues or family over a group video call.

Group Call and Chat.jpg

2. Send contacts
To share a contact with a friend, drag and drop them into the chat box or use the “+” menu and watch your social circle grow.

Send Contacts.jpg

3. Favorites
Drag and drop your favorite people to the top of your contact list.

Create Favorites.jpg

4. Message editing

Oh no, didn’t mean to say that? Or realize you have typos, missing or duplicated words. Skype has a few options to fix that. Just right click then select “edit message.” Or you can just use the up arrow and it will bring up a text editing window so you can fix the message and resend.

Message Editing.jpg

5. Start a new line in your chat
Need a break? Just press CTRL + ENTER to start a new line in your chat without bothering your mouse.

Line Breaks.jpg

6. Send files and photos
Share your snaps by simply dragging and dropping the file or photo into the chat box or using the “+” menu, even when you’re on a call.

Sending Files and Photos.jpg

7. Call or chat with Facebook friends
Link your Skype account with Facebook and you can chat to your friends in one place, or even give them a free call.

Skype and Facebook.jpg

8. Emoticon shortcuts
Hover over an emoticon to see how to quickly type and add it to a chat. (inlove)

Emoticon Shortcuts.jpg

9. Answer a call another way
Lost your mouse? Touch screen feeling tetchy? Press ALT + PageUp to answer a call. Or if you want to answer with video use CTRL + ALT + PageDown.

Answering Calls.jpg

10. Share screens with 1 or more people
Let the person or group of people you’re calling see your desktop – click the ‘+’ menu and select ‘Share screens‘. This is a great feature especially for businesses. Sharing your screen with one person is free, but group screen sharing with more than one person is a Skype Premium feature.

Sharing Screens.jpg

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