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Skype for Windows Phone 8 Preview 2.1

Today we have released Skype for Windows Phone 8 Preview 2.1 which will be available soon for Windows Phone 8 users here.

In this release we have worked on improving reliability and performance of the application, especially around background notifications and calling.

We have also temporarily disabled the People Hub integration as it was causing issues with device stability. We are working with the Windows Phone team to resolve the issue and to enable the integration again in a future release.

Upgrade now through the Windows Phone Store, and be sure to provide us feedback on the Skype Support Network or by simply commenting on this post.

A complete list of changes are below:

  • Updated chat keyboard with improved autocomplete/autocorrect is now available.
  • Buddies from Windows Live Messenger are labeled in the People list.
  • Added option to enable toast notifications for Windows Live Messenger buddies.
  • People Hub integration temporarily disabled.

In addition we have fixed a number of issues from the previous release:

Category Description
Reliablility Significantly improved the reliability of presence and chat and call notifications when the app is closed.
Calling Improved call reliability.
Chat In some cases, chat messages would appear in incorrect order. Chat messages will now appear in correct order, by timestamp.
Localization Corrected links to some webpages.

Other known issues are as described here.

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