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"By Using Skype…I've Been Able to Make My Dreams Come True"

Although Dublin-based Anuradha “Anu” Ammal has long had a successful career in technology, she has also dreamed of perfecting her skills as a musician.
In 2003, she started studying classical Carnatic music of India. She says, “I began with the veena, which is like a giant sitar that can barely be carried. I played it for a while and took part in a concert in London, but when I moved to Dublin, I switched to singing.”

Anu searched online for a top instructor and found the ideal teacher, Mrs. Shyamala Rangaraja, in Tamil Nadu, South India, a mere 8600km from Dublin. She says, “But my teacher and I found a resolution. She emails me the syllabus and we do the actual classes over Skype. It’s a lot of commitment, but we make it work. I wake up early and do my class for an hour before work. Music starts my day with peace and positive energy. It is a true “stress buster.” I carry that positive energy with me to work and it influences how I perform through the rest of the day.”

“Singing is food for my mind,” Anu says, “and by using Skype to study with my teacher in India, I’ve been able to make my dreams come true.”

Check out our video of Anu and her teacher:

One thought on “"By Using Skype…I've Been Able to Make My Dreams Come True"

  1. liapin said 4 years ago

    Very good! I love to teach via Skype. I educate composing, guitar and arrangement. It’s real useful! Thanks!

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