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最新 Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920令你可和朋友透過Skype進行全高清視像交談!

我們的Logitech朋友最近公開了他們最新的網絡攝影機 – Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920。該款新型攝影機提供了無比清晰的畫面,為您和朋友及家人帶來更暢順及快捷的Skype視像通話體驗。 Logitech HD P Read more


Qikはビデオチャット、ビデオストリーミング、ビデオシェアリングなどの統合的な動画コミュニケーションサービスです。Qikアプリを使って、心に残るシーンを撮影し、ご家族やご友人とビデオを共有していただくために、Qikアプリの使い方をご紹介しま Read more

Skype Visualization – die graphische Darstellung einer Skype-Freundschaft

Heute möchten wir Euch ein besonderes Kunstwerk vorstellen. Die generativen Gestalter Julia Laub und Cedric Kiefer aus Berlin hatten die Idee ihre persönliche Skype-Story graphisch darzustellen. Julia und Cedric haben sich am 08.08.2008 auf Skype kennengelernt. Seitdem haben sich die… Read more

Get even more from Skype … with #SkypeTips

At Skype, we're all about sharing and making it easy for you to connect with your friends and family using free Skype video calls. We want to make Skype even easier to use, so we've set up a Twitter hashtag… Read more

Trabalhar em grupo fica muito mais fácil com o Skype

Nunca foi tão fácil colaborar com colegas em um projeto, estejam eles no mesmo andar que você ou do outro lado do planeta. O Skype tem ferramentas incríveis para colaborar de forma imediata, integrada e simples. Read more

English Author Connects with Students in Washington State

Last week, we heard this fun story about how students from a high school in Washington used Skype video call to bring literature to life and we wanted to share it with you. After reading author Alexander Gordon's young adult… Read more

Новые беты Skype для Mac и Windows

Новости для тех, кто любит пробовать новое, не дожидаясь финальных релизов и ставит себе для этого бета-версии. Вчера вышли сразу две новых бета-версии: Skype 5.5 beta для Mac и Skype 5.7 beta для Windows. В версии для Mac улучшен… Read more


みなさんファミリーマートでSkypeクレジットが購入できることをご存知ですか?只今ファミリーマート限定で、Famiポートで購入したSkypeクレジットと同額のSkypeクレジットを抽選で250名様にプレゼントするキャンペーンを実施中です。 Read more

Congrats to the Best of CES!

We're very excited to share with you that the Sony Bloggie Live™ HD camera was awarded a Best of CES 2012 Award from Laptop Magazine! Read more

Skype 5.5 for Mac Beta Provides Improved Call UI and More

Skype 5.5 for Mac Beta introduces an improved user interface for calling, sending files, screen sharing, adding people to a call, and more. Read more

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