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Skype y las celebrities

Alguna vez te has planteado ¿Qué tienen en común Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Penélope Cruz y Victoria Beckham? Sí, aparte de ser estrellas y famosas, ellas también utilizan Skype para mantenerse siempre en contacto con su familia, sus amigos y… Read more

Skype eröffnet Senioren und Klinikpatienten neue Möglichkeiten

Es war noch nie leichter, und zugleich auch noch nie wichtiger, den Kontakt zu Familie und Freunden zu halten, als heutzutage in der globalisierten Welt. Beliebte Fernsehsendungen wie „Goodbye Deutschland" oder „Mein Auslandstagebuch" haben gezeigt: Ganze Familien wandern mittlerweile ins… Read more


顔文字は文字だけでは表現しにくい感情を簡単に伝えることができる便利な方法です。TPOを考えて使えば顔文字はとても役立ちます。文字だけの文章よりも簡単に素早くその時の気持ちを相手に伝えることができます。 コンピューターを使った日本で最初の顔文 Read more

Looking for love? Let Skype play Cupid for you

Looking for love on your laptop? Skype makes the perfect partner. Check out our guide to online dating and see for more. Read more

5 real benefits of using Skype for business

We understand many of the challenges you face when running your company – time and finances are finite, and you have to excel with the resources you have available. You need to work smarter than your competitors. But how can… Read more

The Great Debate: Does Technology Hinder or Improve Human Relationships?

An article I read recently included the following incredibly striking photo of Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist who is commonly referred to as "The Invisible Man." He earned this nickname since his most popular works of art (including this image) are his "Hiding in the City" series. Read more

Kick-start your healthy eating plan with Skype

Share and improve your healthy eating plans with friends and family with Skype calls, instant messaging and video calls. See for more. Read more

Skype in the classroom faz parcerias para oferecer novas experiências de aprendizado

O Skype in the classroom está juntando forças com o Penguin Group, Filarmônica de Nova York, Peace One Day, Save the Children, e o Museu de Ciências de Londres para apoiar os professores com a oferta de conteúdo de sala… Read more

American Idol fans vote for their favorites via Skype

The name of one of American Idol's top finalist, Jessica Sanchez, has been all over Skype's top phrases on Twitter for the past few weeks thanks to all her fans. The Filipino community all over the U.S. and Asia has… Read more


作为全世界最知名的政治异见人士之一,昂山素季曾被软禁在祖国缅甸达十五年之久。自2010年获释之后,她一直忙于与各地的支持者交流。不过,素季的护照早在24年前已被吊销,故她过去二十多年来从来未踏出缅甸国土半步。 然而这并未能阻碍她与各地人民进 Read more

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