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Skypeの無料ビデオ通話が子育てママを応援する! Skype、NPO法人チルドリン主催 ママによるママのためのイベント『ママまつりin豊洲』に出展

Skype活用法の第1位は「同居していない家族とのビデオ通話」、 Skype未経験者も「家族の祝い事」などの場面で使用してみたいと回答Skypeは、子育て中のママ達にSkypeをもっと活用いただくため、12月2日にららぽーと豊洲で開催された Read more

Skype Social Good – Making Life Better Through Technology

After I finished speaking on stage at the Social Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley earlier this week, I found myself reflecting on both the number of innovative and passionate people dedicated to changing our world for the better and the role technology is playing to drive these changes within our global society. At Skype, we’ve always believed in the power of technology to bring the world closer together by enabling people everywhere to share experiences. Nowhere is this more evident than in the way Skype is playing a social transformation role in a number of areas – education, peace efforts and humanitarian aid. Read more

Skype Tips from an Insider!

I realized something recently – I’ve been working at Skype as a Product Analyst since March 2010. This means that soon I’ll have been working here for 1000 days. I’ve managed to pick up a few tips along the way… Read more

Skype Helps Hospital Cut Down on Missed Appointments

Last year, there were over 5.5 million missed outpatient hospital appointments in the UK, costing the National Health Service (NHS) an estimated £800million. Because of this, the Department of Health recently called for hospitals to make greater use of… Read more

Mantener el contacto con la familia en Navidades

Rodrigo lleva 7 años fuera de Brasil y las navidades cada vez son más agridulces, ahora tiene también una familia en España y numerosa con tres hijos, esto hace por un lado más llevadero estar alejado de su tierra pero… Read more


這個節日,最好的禮物莫過於與身在遠方的親朋好友共聚一堂。除了花費昂貴的機票或乘坐難受的長途火車,還有另一種方式讓你與無論身在何處的親友保持聯繫,這個節日,可以考慮贈送Skype! Skype與Skype通話固然免費,但Skype與手提電話或 Read more


最好的假日礼物莫过于与身在远方的亲朋好友共聚一堂。除了花费昂贵的机票或乘坐难受的长途火车之外,还有另一种方式让你无论身在何处,均可与亲友保持联系。这个假日,你可以考虑赠送Skype礼品卡! Skype与Skype通话固然免费,但Skype怎 Read more

教師の皆さまへ、『Santa in the Classroom』コンテスト応募受付中!$10,000分相当のテクノロジー製品、そしてサンタと話す機会がクラスに当たります!

Skypeでは、私たちの技術が世界中の生徒達に素晴らしい学習体験を提供できることを誇りに思っています。例えば、日本の気仙沼市立面瀬小学校と、ネパールにいる世界的探検家マーク・ウッド氏をSkypeビデオ通話でつなぎ環境問題について学んだり、N Read more

Skype and small business: What's new this week

In honor of Small Business Saturday a little more than a week ago, we thought we’d share a roundup of some of the things people are saying about Skype for business lately – plus a bonus gift idea, given that… Read more

Keeping in Touch with Family Abroad for the Holidays

Samir was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He had never spent any significant time away from the city until he moved to Los Angeles last year to start his own personal fitness training business. Although he is more… Read more

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