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Feliz aniversário! Hoje comemoramos nove anos de Skype

Foi Alexander Graham Bell quem inventou o telefone e fez a primeira ligação em 1876, e foi a Motorola quem inventou o primeiro telefone celular em 1973. E o Skype conquistou seu lugar nestes momentos revolucionários da história da comunicação… Read more

Skype at the Republican National Convention

This week's 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay is billed as a "Convention Without Walls." William Harris, the event's CEO, describes the goal as "to use every available communications platform and technology to create a nationwide discussion." He continues,… Read more

Happy 9th Birthday, Skype

It was Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone and made the first call ever in 1876, and it was Motorola that invented the first cellular phone in 1973. It was Skype that joined in on these revolutionary moments in… Read more

The Advent of "Ambient Video"

A behavioral phenomenon that's growing in popularity among Skype users is something we like to call "Ambient Video." Some of our users are now leaving Skype video calls with their friends and family running nearly all the time. Interestingly, this is something we've also been doing internally at Skype for a number of years in order to connect our different offices with one another. We have TV screens placed near all the water coolers in our offices so that anyone in one office can see what's going on in any of our other offices around the globe via Skype Group Video Call. Read more

Skype Career Day in St. Petersburg, September 13th

Skype Career Day in St. Petersburg September 13th   Skype has currently more than 100 vacancies all around the world and many of the roles are in our Tallinn (and Tartu), Stockholm and, of course, Moscow office. Come and find… Read more


每月有数百万用户在使用iPhone版及iPad版Skype,今天我们更新了这两个应用,同时应广大用户的要求推出了iOS平台上的图片分享功能。此外,我们也知道大家都想在移动设备上无间断地使用Skype,所以我们也相应提升了一些性能。 全新图片 Read more

Skype employees pitch in to build low-income housing

Multiple choice question: which of the following lists of tools and technologies are associated with working for Skype? A. hammers, nails, hard hats and 2X4s B. laptops, webcams, LED screens and smartphones C. all of the above If you were… Read more

Disfruta de las comunicaciones móviles con Skype

Aún no se ha acabado el verano, y es muy probable que muchos todavía estéis de vacaciones o planificando la vuelta a casa. Para vosotros, que no queréis dejar de estar comunicados con vuestros familiares y amigos, hoy os traemos… Read more

Getting to know Skype Manager

Many of our small business users ask me about Skype Manager, so it seems the time is right for a little refresher — or an introduction, for those not already familiar. First off, what is Skype Manager? In a nutshell,… Read more

Skype Click to Call Firefox 14, 15 and support

I'm pleased to announce that we've just launched Skype Click to Call for Windows, version 6.2.10687. Skype Click to Call now supports Firefox 14, Firefox 15, and IEx64 support. Additionally we continue to focus and improve the usability and performance… Read more

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