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Identical Twins Stay Connected Through Skype Baking

All families have customs, many of which involve bringing people together through a home cooked meal. Sharing in the preparation of that meal is a way that families and friends connect and build upon tradition. But what do you do… Read more

Skype 4.1 for iPhone and iPad hotfix

Today we have released a hotfix for Skype 4.1 for iPhone and iPad. In this release, we have fixed audio and video calling issues which have been reported by some of our users. These issues have occurred on iPhone 5… Read more

Extraordinary women create new possibilities with Skype

Pippa Lord, the Melbourne-bred, Brooklyn-dwelling founder of the online culinary and lifestyle magazine Sous Style, is one of the pioneers of a new generation of younger, hipper and tech savvier generation of Martha Stewarts who strive for "imperfect perfection." She… Read more

Skypeのインスタントメッセージ(IM)を使ったウィルスについてのお知らせ。"lol is this your new profile pic?"のメッセージにご注意ください。

Skypeのインスタントメッセージ(IM)を使ったウィルスについてお伝えします。IMのメッセージの中に” lol is this your new profile pic?”のメッセージを見つけたらご注意ください。そこに記載されているURL Read more

Skypeと一緒にPeace One Dayによる平和活動を応援しよう

Skypeはこれまで3年に渡って、世界の非暴力化を提唱する団体、Peace One Dayの活動をサポートしてきました。Peace One Day の目的のひとつは「次世代の若者に、平和で持続可能な世界を実現するためのインスピレーションを与 Read more


今回は[Skypeサポート・お問い合わせフォーム]の使い方をご紹介します。 このフォームから質問する前に、Skypeのサポートページ、または質問掲示板で同様の質問がないか確認してください。 手順 1. こちらのリンクをクリックして、お問い合 Read more

Sicherheitshinweis: „Moin, kaum zu glauben was für schöne Fotos von dir auf deinem Profil"

uns haben Berichte über einen Schädling erreicht, der in den letzten Tagen einige Skype Nutzer betroffen hat. Mit der Instant Message „Moin, kaum zu glauben was für schöne Fotos von dir auf deinem Profil" verleitet der Trojaner die Kontakte… Read more

Iowa Governor pioneers statewide "Skype Your School!" program

Iowa is better known for being the core of the traditional "American Heartland" than it is for pushing the frontiers of digital technology. But Governor Terry Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds do not believe that those designations are mutually… Read more

Security notice: "lol is this your new profile pic?"

We have received reports of some malicious activity targeting a small number of Skype users with an instant message and link that says, "lol is this your new profile pic?" This activity is another example of an Internet scam targeting… Read more

Alerta de segurança: "lol is this your new profile pic?"

Recebemos alguns relatos sobre atividade maliciosa impactando um número pequeno de usuários do Skype, por meio de uma mensagem de chat e link que dizem: "lol is this your new profile pic?" ("rsrsrs, essa é a nova foto do seu… Read more

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