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Oma, bist du bei Skype online?

Viele denken, dass ältere Leute nichts mit Computer, Internet und Skype am Hut haben. Doch das ist falsch! Auch Oma und Opa nutzen Skype gern und häufig, um mit Ihren Kindern, Enkelkindern, anderen Familienmitgliedern oder Freunden in Kontakt zu… Read more

Uma visita muito especial via Skype: Papai Noel

É Natal, e você se comportou muito bem o ano inteiro. Com quem você mais gostaria de falar nesse exato momento? Os desejos de Natal de três turmas muito especiais espalhadas pelo mundo tornaram-se realidade quando puderam fazer uma chamada… Read more

Gearing for Success

You might have seen my blog recently on how to set up a good quality Skype call. Today I’ll be giving you some tips on hardware that can really boost the quality of your Skype calls. If you still need… Read more

Five questions on recruiting talent for your business, with expert Roberta Matuson


I spent a lot of time talking with business owners at the Inc. 500 conference in October, and one topic came up continually: how can I recruit more successfully? It was clear to me that many entrepreneurs struggle to get… Read more

3 Lucky Classrooms Get a Special Visitor Over Skype – Santa Claus!

It’s Christmas time, and you’ve definitely been nice all year. Who’s the one person you’d most want to talk to right now? For three lucky classrooms around the world, their holiday wishes came true when they got to speak… Read more

Los diez problemas de las videollamadas- Parte 3 – Sociedad

Este es el tercero y último post de la serie de videollamadas móviles. Si este es el primero que lees puede ver los dos anteriores (aquí y aquí) Ya hemos tratado algunos de los obstáculos técnicos y los problemas que… Read more

Skype spreads the spirit of Christmas to children across the UK

We recently teamed up with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London to bring some Christmas magic to patients and their families who will be in the hospital during this difficult time of year. In a world’s first, a special… Read more


旅游度假是普遍的节日活动,虽然放假表面上是吃喝玩乐和与家人共聚天伦,但出行本身就可能带来一些不安的感觉。我们为此请教了一群旅行达人,并分享了他们如何利用科技来减少出门所带来的不安。参考一下这些达人们如何利用Skype来为旅行增添乐趣吧! 1 Read more


旅遊渡假是普遍的節日活動,雖然放假表面上是吃喝玩樂和與家人共聚天倫,但出行本身就可能帶來一些不安的感覺。我們請教了一群旅行專家,並分享了他們如何利用科技以減少出門所帶來的不安。參考一下這些專家如何利用Skype,看看Skype能為你的旅程增 Read more

Help is on the way: How to access Skype support

Skype offers small businesses a wide range of products and services, and almost always, they make lives easier and help businesses run better. But questions do come up. Perhaps you’re unsure exactly how Skype Credit works, or maybe need help… Read more

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