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Best of Skype for business: Insider tricks to boost your business in 2013

Virtually all our users have their favorite ways to use Skype. To capture some of our great community knowledge, we’ve rounded up the best tips from some of our users and the team here at Skype, and thought the end of the year was the perfect time to share. Perhaps they’ll spark ideas for new ways you can use Skype in 2013.

Tracy Foster, Founder of Ona Bags:
When using the one-to-one video feature, I’ve discovered that I can easily connect Skype to a television, which is very helpful if I have a lot of product or materials that I’m showing the other participant. It makes my presentation much easier and simpler for the viewer to see than it would be if I were limited to the webcam on my laptop.

Greg Bell, Managing Director at Advansys:
I have multiple Skype accounts, and I use two of my other accounts, which don’t even have to be online, to create a group chat. I name it My Notes. I then use the chat to document all sorts of information, using hashtags, like a notepad. It automatically syncs to my other devices, thus creating an automatic backup and easy access. As group chat creator, I can edit my ‘quick notes’ for up to 22 days.

Jim Courtney, Blogger, Voice on the Web:
It’s always so frustrating when you post a message into a chat and realize there are typing errors, missing or duplicated words or unintended meanings. Skype has a few options to fix the problem. If it’s the most recent message in a chat, use the Up arrow to put the text back into the editing window, edit and resend. For messages sent in the previous 30 to 60 minutes, right click over the text and select “Edit Message” or “Remove Message.” (In Skype for Mac, right click over the dropdown arrow at the right of the message).

Barry Castle, Product Marketing Manager at Skype:
I’m not saying you have to. I’m not saying you even want to. But when your small business depends on a customer meeting in the middle of the holidays, how do you make it happen without upsetting everyone at home? My secret sauce is Skype. I let my family know when I need to be online for that last call of the year, but otherwise I’m with them. It’s like being transported to the office and coming home again afterwards without all the usual brake lights and fossil fuel business.

Melissa Almeida, IT Manager of West Coast Call Center:
I love Skype add-ons. For Firefox there’s an extension called Telify. It makes every phone number clickable and sends it to Skype. G-Recorder is awesome because it can archive chats and send them to Gmail.

Kelly Fallis, CEO of Remote Stylist:
The absolute best feature of Skype is screen sharing; a picture is worth a thousand words. Forget downloading all the webex-like ‘I take control; you take control; install this; install that’ tools out there. Everyone has a Skype account whether business or personal and screen sharing makes life SO much easier. I probably use it 15 times a day to discuss matters with my team, but hands down my favorite way to share it is to show my dad how to use his own computer in ‘follow along’ format; seriously saves me hours!

SITW(4).pngAnd one from me: Ural Cebeci, Product Marketing Manager at Skype:
If you haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out Skype in the workspace (, a new community for small businesses. It’s a great way to find and connect with potential customers and partners, or to source advisors who can help build your business. If you’re not sure what it’s all about, you can grab a quick demo.

Have your own Skype tips? Share them in the comments.

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