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Help is on the way: How to access Skype support

Skype offers small businesses a wide range of products and services, and almost always, they make lives easier and help businesses run better. But questions do come up. Perhaps you’re unsure exactly how Skype Credit works, or maybe need help getting a Group Video Call going.

Don’t worry, help is available.

Skype provides lots of support to our users. Here’s a quick overview of the resources available to solve all of your Skype problems:

Skype Support: If you need instructions on using any aspect of Skype, or need to troubleshoot problems, check out the FAQs and User Guides available through Support. You can search for an answer to your question and then use our filters to make sure you find out about using Skype on your device, or you can browse by category and learn everything you need to know.

Skype Support Network: Skype employees and passionate Skype users (volunteers) answer questions in this forum. You can search for an answer from the start page, or if you’d like to ask your own question, simply sign in with your account and complete your profile to get involved.

Twitter: Tweet @SkypeSupport and someone from the Skype Support Network Team will respond and direct you to the right resources.

Customer Service: Any Skype user can contact customer service via an online form. Once you identify your problem, you’ll be provided with information that addresses it. If you still need a bit more help, someone from the team will get back to you personally to help resolve your issue.

Live Chat: If you’re a Skype Premium subscriber, a Skype Manager administrator, or another eligible paying customer, you can access 24-hour live chat support with our customer support team.

Business Assistants: If you need help with a Skype product you purchased or are considering purchasing for your business, one of our business assistants can help you out. You can live chat live Monday to Friday during the following times: 8am to 11.30pm UK time; 6am to 7.30pm U.S. Eastern time; 6am to 4.30pm U.S. Pacific time.

Facebook: You can search the questions asked there, and pose your own for other Skype users to answer.

LinkedIn: Skype’s business users engage in regular discussion on the Skype for Business page, and you may find pointers here that address any issues you’re having.

YouTube: You can check out videos designed to help with common problems and demonstrate ways to use Skype that may be unfamiliar to you.

When you’re a Skype user, you’re never on your own. We encourage you to tap into the support resources that are there for you.

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